Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JA Konrath surprises again!

Since my foot has been hurt, I've been blog-reading more. Wow, I'm just finding new authors everywhere! Now, if only I can read three books a day and write 10,000 words a day, I would have the perfect life!

J.A. Konrath is one to notice. Give it another twenty years, and he'll be mystery's Nora Roberts. (At least in the constant NYT bestsellers department.)

So while he's still a normal folk (as opposed to a writing god with hundreds of books published), he's got free stuff everywhere to get you addicted to his writing.

If you're a writer, and have ever asked a family member or friend to read your work, you will relate to this story: Piranha Pool. (Oh, and if you're a writer and haven't checked out all the writing and publishing info jam-packed into his site, you're in for a real treat!)

I've been dying to read one of his books, and he posted on his blog yesterday that Bloody Mary could be downloaded here for free. (I don't know for how long.) I'll let you know how it is tomorrow, after I read it tonight.

If you missed my post a few days ago, he also has free stories here and Four Pack of Jack at Amazon for 49 cents. You can download the first SEVEN chapters of his newest novel, Rusty Nail, for free, too!

As if that weren't enough, he blogged a week or so ago about collecting Books for Troops. He will give away THREE free first editions to the person who sends over the most books. So mail me your books, so I can mail them and win. *grins* Just kidding. There's no way I'm going to be able to wait. I'll probably buy the other two in a week or so when I get paid. Mail the books to the address he lists anyway, 'cause it's a good thing to do. :-)

Why buy his books? First, because he writes good stuff. He's a storyteller in the same way that Stephen King and Richard Heinlein are storytellers. You read his stuff, and if you read past the entertainment value to analyze it, the only thing you can think is that's craft. After I read Heinlein's stories, I always feel like I'm in the presence of a master storyteller, and am beholding a piece of art. J.A. Konrath makes me feel the same way.

Now, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, buy his books because he's working too hard promoting his books! Of course, it's necessary for a writer these days, and I've read on his blog that he loves it. BUT we need to make him such a success that he has more time to WRITE!

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