Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Medical Insanity

So the past few weeks, ever since the taekwondo accident, I've been repeating the following pattern: go to doctor, follow his orders, and watch my foot swell up again.

I've also noticed another pattern in the last year or two. You know how you need a prescription for certain meds? Well, after my appointment with the doctor ended last week, he wrote out a prescription so that I could get a follow up appointment in three weeks!


What? I'm not to be trusted with walking the whole five steps to the receptionist and reporting when I need to see him again honestly???

So after I followed his orders, and my foot swelled up, I called for an appointment. In order to get an appointment, I had to call the receptionist. Dear God, if I don't have a prescription for an appointment, then we need to go through the following insanity:

The receptionist had to transfer me to a nurse. The nurse doesn't answer the phone, but just listens to her voicemail. I left a message with the nurse. The nurse had to talk to the doctor, the doctor had to talk to the nurse, the nurse had to talk to the receptionist, and the receptionist had to call me back to make an appointment.


So if you need an antibiotic, you first need a prescription to get an appointment--which is hard to get if you don't have an appointment to get a prescription--and an appointment to get a prescription.

I'm confused. I'm tired. I'm tired of pain!

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StarvingWriteNow 9/21/2006 06:59:00 AM  

Sounds like you're getting a medical run-around, which isn't doing you--or your foot--any good. I vote for a second opinion! We'll need you on your feet for that dancing spectacular we're putting on at the conference!! (he, he, he... just kidding...)