Monday, October 09, 2006

Harmless Prejudices & Blogging

An author at Romancing the Blog recently lamented that for all the time she poured into her blog, she didn't get many readers. I think she should add to that, "that she knows of." Ever since I've been reading blogs this fall, I've discovered a ton of authors, all of who I've picked up the book.

What authors have you discovered from blogs?

I think the first blog that I popped by was Barry Eisler's The Heart of the Matter, which is very informative. It's one of those blogs where the conversation in the comments is as interesting (maybe even more interesting) than the actual blog itself. Barry comments in the comments, too, so hopefully that's not insulting! I learn so much there--both about myself and the world around me. I also spend a lot of time scratching my head, but that's a post for another day.

Somehow, that got me to read blogs, and I ended up at JA Konrath's blog. (Maybe from linking to his comment at some point ... that's another way I find new blogs.) His blog is also educational, but about the business, not politics.

Of course, I've been addicted to Miss Snark forever, who led me to Agent Kristin's blog, and also the BookEnds blog. Agent Jessica posts there, and she is so un-snarky that it's refreshing. Snark is funny, but something about Jessica's enthusiasm for the business rings true to me, even during her not-so-wonderful days.

I then ended up at Allison Brennan's blog, because she's a big people person, and sincerely helpful on a bunch of lists. Her blog isn't quite as interesting as where she blogs once a week: Murder She Writes.

And in all that blogging, led me to buy stories and books from Allison Brennan, JA Konrath, Karin Tabke, Jill Shalvis, and MJ Rose (who is now one of my very favorite authors!).

At some point, I linked to Tess Gerritsen's blog. I adore her blog. She seems like a very honest and sincere person. Unfortunately, I'm not into all that medical-schmedical stuff. (I say that with a grin.) So I enjoyed only her blog and didn't buy a single book.

But all her fans in the comment section kept talking about her. Other authors that I'd enjoyed posted about how they enjoyed her latest book. But you know what insane thing got me to finally pick up one of her books?

The fact that she mentioned that she played the fiddle. *insert eye roll at myself* (And by the way, I picked up Vanish, and DH had to tear it out of my hand to get me writing.)

Which got me to thinking about all the harmless prejudices that we have. One of mine is that a musician is a good author.

What are some of your harmless prejudices?

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