Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lazy Week

Bernita, in the comments section, passed on the tip that the Metropolitan Museum of Art features a different artifact on their site every day. Very cool, thanks! Visit her blog here, because she's one of those writers that make words sound pretty.

I'm having a lazy week this week. Today I reached my goals at noon, and I stopped with two hours to spare. I just got up and went home. And then sat at my desk at home, with absolutely no idea what to do with the extra two hours. So I sat and surfed around the net.

A friend of mine got a little rejection. It was for something little, and she's got tons of really good things going for her out and about, and some great projects that have been accepted and published.

I honestly don't know how she felt about it, but I was devastated. I felt like an idiot and I didn't know what to say (so I just said what I truly felt and thought, which is usually a mistake, LOL). She's out in the "real world" more than me, so it's probably just part of the process for her. Maybe. Still, I felt horrible.

Stupid of me, probably. I don't know. If you've been rejected, what do you want to hear your friends say to you? What will make you feel better?

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Bernita 11/17/2006 08:23:00 AM  

Thank you for those kind words.