Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanks! ... and Hot Buttons

Ohmigosh, thanks guys. From the bottom of my heart, seriously. You saved me! (I hope!) starvingwritenow, I really tried to wade through my left brain with my creativity intact. Took some work, but I think I'm getting there! Erik and Bernita, gosh, that helped, too! I pretended I was having a drink, and that helped even more than the coffee. ;) But Jade, wow. That's totally where I lost it! I forgot why I loved this essay. I forgot how enthusiastic I am about it. How could I forget? Thank you for reminding me! Not only is it improving my essay, but it's making it more fun to write.

I've been playing around with Google Reader. You can "add" all the blogs that you read, and it'll compile them and show them in one organized place. It's kinda cool! Better than clicking Favorites and jumping here to there. I'm a little addicted to order. :-)

It's proving a bit slow, though.

Do you guys use something like that? I do miss looking at everyone's layouts, but when I feel compelled to comment, it takes me to the author's site anyway. The best of both worlds!

The other day, I was reading the comments in a blog, and one commenter got a little fussy and overreacted to a funny post with, er, lecturing. For awhile, I thought, "Geeze! Get a chill pill!" And I also shook my head and rolled my eyes.

But as I was thinking back on it today, I realized that we all have buttons, that when pressed, we can act irrationally. She was every bit as concerned about her issue as I often am about mine. And we all have our pet peeves. :-) There are some things that we believe in or feel so strongly or passionately, that when anyone touches the subject, we get upset or jump up on the box and can't help but spout off on the subject.

I was thinking about my next couple characters, and I wondered what their buttons are. I wondered what would set them off, irrationally getting all worked up. What kinds of things do you think about when planning a character?

I tend to just watch my characters in my head. I really don't do as much thinking about my characters as I should!

Oh! I forgot I was tagged! Sheesh. Tomorrow, I promise!

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JLB 11/27/2006 08:22:00 AM  

I'm glad to have been of help, and I wish you lots of luck with your writing!