Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, everyone! I'm so thankful for y'all, and your blogs. Blog-reading is the most fun part of my down-time.

So what are your New Year's Resolutions? I always feel like I forget something important. Sometimes it feels like there's a special sort of magic around this time of year, and I need to wish on everything I want, or else I'll miss the magic.

I've been really lucky lately. I feel like everything is on track, and I just have to keep doing the right thing, giving my very best, and everything will stay on track. I don't know. I almost feel like I'm on a roller coaster (a fun one), and I just want to laugh and yell "Faster! Faster! Faster!" with my arms way up in the air.

My mantra right now, in writing, is "Dig deeper." I want to explore hard choices--those choices we make that have no good outcome, but make us who we are. Choices that are gripping and human and illuminate our character, whether good or bad. Speaking of which, I'm off to do just that!

3 bonus scribbles:

spyscribbler 12/23/2006 03:25:00 PM  

Errr, write about that, I mean. LOL. I live through the lives of my stories way too much, sometimes ...

Bernita 12/24/2006 09:24:00 AM  

Geesys, Spy.
Let's get Xmas over with first before we start thinking of New Year.
Merry Christmas!

spyscribbler 12/25/2006 01:05:00 PM  

Merry Christmas to you, too! Time just goes so fast these days!