Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mistakes ... and Really Nice People

I love my editor, I love my editor, I love my editor.

My usual editors don't really do much editing. Once in a blue moon, they let me see the copyedits. (You'd be surprised how commas and little fixes here and there can change your WHOLE meaning.) I was appalled to read over one of my latest stories, and evidently, I had sent her a pre-final draft, because I had re-written the whole thing in first. Unfortunately, a single paragraph stubbornly remained in third person. I saw it, and was both horrified and mortified.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. We should turn in a perfect draft. I really try, I swear, I do! I think I do a pretty good job of turning clean copy. And one huge mistake like that isn't horrible, amidst the tons of stories and novellas, so far, is it?

I feel like I let out a big, fat fart in a sexy little dress.

So anyway, I'm just saying that I love my editor. We can never quite catch everything, and it's nice to know that someone's not only got my back, but has an eye for making it better. *sigh* I'm in love. (Okay, not that kind of love!) Still, I'm so grateful that I get to learn something out of this! Not only do I feel thrilled and lucky that I get to do it in the first place, but to be able to learn something, too, it's like having my cake and eating the icing, too!

Okay, on the Really Nice People of the day:

First, MJ Rose is having a cool Santa Baby contest on her blog. She's picking the best Dear Santa letters sent to her, posting them on her blog, and giving $100 to the charity of the winners' choice. Isn't that an awesome idea? I wanna do something like that some day!

Secondly, have you read the latest O Magazine? I'm not a Oprah fanatic, not by a long shot. My respect for her has grown and grown over the years, but I still don't watch the show. I do read the magazine now and then.

Well, do you know what she just did? She opened Oprah's Leadership Academy, and I'm impressed. Here's an article on it, and you can read her view in her December Issue of O Magazine.

Okay, my heroes today are definitely MJ Rose and Oprah. I hope I can do something like that, some day.

I hope!

What other people are doing such nice things that I should notice?

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