Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Year in Review

Warning: This is going to be like a real diary post, with all the icky-squicky inner rambling and self-centered analysis.

So I read somewhere (can't remember where, sorry!), that one should take stock of last year's accomplishments, achievements, setbacks, and failures before setting one's New Year's resolutions.

I wrote (and sold!) over 200,000 words in the last 5 months. In the 7 months before that, I wrote about 10,000 and didn't sell any. Well, my publisher was ending their business, and so I decided to write a "real" novel, and I had a read a whole new genre and research a TON. Okay, that's still not a great explanation, but I think I made up for it after halftime. I hope?

In all those words, I made one stupid mistake that the editors didn't catch. (I forgot to delete two sentences of third person in a story I had switched to first person.)

I didn't make a go at my NY-published dream, but at least I improved my skills and paid the rent.

Otherwise, I can feel really good about the fact that I kept pushing myself to dig deeper, and I think that my writing has improved with every story and novella. I hope, at least. I can feel proud that I gave every word my best.

In the first seven months, I read and researched a TON. I acquainted myself with a whole new genre! I even fell in love with it. In the last five months, I've at least read twenty books, but in the last two months, I've finished ... one? I've still been reading ... just not finishing.

In the last 5 months, I did start reading smarter, thanks to Francine Prose's Reading Like a Writer.

The foot thing turned me into a cranky, angry person. I don't like that. I let my anger at the the doctors and their expensive bullshit consume me, and my frustration at the pain, too. I wish I could've been one of those people who are nice and turn even sweeter when faced with adversity. I wasn't.

I joined RWA, and went to my first writing conference! I met a ton of great people online and in person, and I discovered the blogosphere! I learned a bunch from everyone out there, and I started my own, even posting 100 posts so far.

I lost one friend, for I have no idea what reason. That's okay, she wasn't a close friend, and it may eventually be fine. Like I said, it was a complete mystery. I probably stuck my foot in my mouth, or something.

The foot. Enough said. Okay, I'll talk anyway. The first seven months, I worked out 6 - 8 times a week. The last five ... I haven't done so well. The foot. When I stopped working out, I stopped having patience, and I stopped eating well. *sigh* I gotta work on that.

Day Job:
I've managed to take a step back. This is a good thing, because I'm far too much of a perfectionist. The students seem happier without me pushing them so much, and I haven't doubled my white to regular hair color ratio. The students are even improving.

In the end, I'm proudest of the 200,000 words. I'm about to start my very first full-length novel (although I did split an 80,000 word novel into two 40,000 word novellas, so I guess it's not my first, technically). I'm staring at it, wondering how in the world I'm going to get from 1 to 100,000.

The only thing I'd repeat about this year is the 200,000 words in 5 months. The rest leaves room for improvement. Here's to a better year, next year! That 7 in 2007 is lucky, right? It's gonna be our lucky year!

How was your 2006?

2 bonus scribbles:

Kate S 12/31/2006 08:24:00 PM  

Wow! Go you! That's really amazing - if you can write 200K in 5 months, a full length novel should be a piece of cake. :)

I'm just getting caught up on blogs, etc., since I've been out of town, and have to compliment you on what a great blog you have - always so informative, helpful and inspiring.

Here's wishing you a fabulous 2007! :)

spyscribbler 12/31/2006 09:02:00 PM  

I keep telling myself that. Hopefully it will sink in on time! Happy New Year, Kate! And thanks! *blush*