Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eye on Books

I can't believe that I've never heard of or stumbled across this website:

It's all audio (as far as I can tell), and it's "where the authors themselves tell you about their books." The authors talk about their craft, and they also talk about the endings of their books in the Spoiler Room!

And these aren't just a few random authors. Big names, midlist names, and some newbies. It's a great place!

Here's some quick links to:

I'm the only one who doesn't know about this site, aren't I? What else don't I know about? Are there more cool sites like this out there?

Just in case I'm missing a big one, will you leave a link to your favorite "cool" site?

4 bonus scribbles:

writtenwyrdd 2/26/2007 09:36:00 AM  

Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like a great site.

spyscribbler 2/26/2007 04:25:00 PM  

It is! I can't believe I didn't know about it, LOL!

Edie 2/26/2007 08:38:00 PM  

Thanks for the cool link, Spy! When I finish my wip, I'll check it out.

Anissa 2/26/2007 11:24:00 PM  

That is a cool website! I don't have one to add, but thanks for sharing.