Friday, March 02, 2007

Cyber-Bullying and eSnips update

As I skimmed the headlines this morning, I found a new word: cyber-bullyingYouTube has been banned in Australian schools

after a gang of male school students videotaped their assault on a 17-year-old girl on the outskirts of Melbourne.

The assault, which is being investigated by police, was uploaded on YouTube late last year.

The state government "has never tolerated bullying in schools and this zero tolerance approach extends to the online world," Allan said.

Wow.  Cyber-bullying.  Sad.

In other news today (*grins*), RWA has taken steps to force eSnips to cease and desist.  I wonder how effective that will be.  If all the money in the movie industry and all the money in the music industry has failed to stop people from sharing and pirating, how will the book industry manage?

It will be interesting to see what happens.  Here's a snippet from RWA Alert:

RWA was made aware of a website, in January that has been posting unauthorized, copyrighted works by many RWA members. RWA immediately consulted attorneys who specialize in this area. A cease and desist letter was sent that included the following warning: Please be advised that the continued availability of the copyrighted material on your website for downloading will be considered a continued willful and deliberate infringement, contributory infringement and inducement of infringement of our client's rights, for which eSnips Ltd. will be held fully accountable. Accordingly, we demand that your organization immediately and permanently remove all copyrighted materials of our client's members from your website, and that you confirm in writing by no later than January 30, 2007 that your organization has done so, and that it will prevent such infringement in the future. Our client may be willing to forego claims against eSnips Ltd. for past infringement if eSnips Ltd. places a more prominent warning against infringement on the its home page, rather than in the "terms of use", since users are intentionally posting copyrighted material for downloading by others, and must be proactively and conspicuously warned against doing so, and RWA is going to continue to follow up on this. The owner of the site quickly responded that he would take down all copyrighted material. The company removed the material we originally reported, but it now appears the company is not being proactive in prohibiting the further posting of copyrighted materials. RWA is arranging a meeting with the attorneys during Publishers Summit week after next to explore other avenues to stop this infringement as soon as possible. Jill Limber, President RWA

And now I'm off to spend a glorious day writing at my favorite writing hole.  Best, all!

2 bonus scribbles:

crowwoman / rhian 3/03/2007 12:52:00 PM  

That kinda of theft totally pisses me off because it hurts all the arts. I see if as no different than if someone took a photo of one of my paintings and sold copies or just as bad, maybe worse - gave it away! Totally devaluing the work. Art Assassins - that's what they are.

spyscribbler 3/03/2007 10:39:00 PM  

Thank you for stopping by! It does hurt all the arts. If artists aren't paid, they will need to do something else to keep a roof over their heads!