Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Free Book! And a good one, too ...

Want a free book? Remember when I talked about Natalie R. Collins' Behind Closed Doors? Well, she's offering up her first Mormon-themed novel, Sisterwife, for free as a pdf eBook. She described it at Murder She Writes (during a good post on viral marketing):

Polygamy in Utah. And just how far bent the “prophets” go to protect their sacred beliefs ... it definitely spotlights the beliefs–-and explains why Mormon fundamentalists believe the way they do–-in a way that is easy to understand. Plus there is a killer love story and some great action thrown in for good measure. SISTERWIFE, a “ripped from the headlines” story of love, lust, greed and murder, set in the crazy world of polygamy.
I love novels that take me to whole new world. I'm looking forward to getting a chance to read this one! You know, wouldn't it be nice if all books came with an eBook copy, so you can read it during quick breaks in between working? Amazon does this, I believe, for a few extra dollars. Cool, huh?

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