Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stephen King's Haven Foundation

Have you guys heard of The Haven Foundation? I’m so touched that Stephen King—anyone—would put something like this together. It’s a foundation to help freelance artists who have suffered a catastrophe making it unable for them to work.

It is terribly difficult to pay for insurances if you’re self-employed and trying squeak out a living word by word.

Stephen King says:

The majority of mid-list writers, audio readers, and freelancers in the book and publishing industry have little or no financial cushion in the event of a sudden catastrophic accident such as that suffered by Muller and myself. Many aren’t affiliated with any professional associations or guilds that can help them in the event of such reversals. Even those who are affiliated with organizations such as The Authors’ Guild cannot look for much beyond token help over a short period of time.

Now how nice is it that he wants to help??

They accept donations, and they sell autographed and unautographed books at their store! They even have a signed John Irving’s Until I Find You. There’s only one left.

It’s okay, go ahead. My book budget doesn’t come in until after it will be gone, anyway. :-)

Although I think the lottery’s up to 60 million now …

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