Tuesday, April 10, 2007

24 & Jack Bauer, 9:00 - 11:00 p.m.

Last night I watched the last two episodes. Wow! Now that’s the 24 I fell in love with at the beginning of the season! I didn’t laugh once. Not once. It never came close to preposterous. The two episodes were tight and believable, and the characters are all developing in ways that deepened my knowledge of them. I’m interested to learn about this Audrey he loves so much. Can’t you just see the love in the only picture I found of them together?


I have to say, 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. were by far the two best of the season, if you don’t count the first two. They ended the Fayed/nuclear arc quite well. Can the President please take a nap now? I mean, give him a break! The crisis is over, let him rest for crying out loud! I hope he lives.

Speaking of him, I loved the twists concerning him. And with the VP and the Chief of Staff, too! I don’t have the twisting gene, so I love to watch expert “twisting” in action.

What do you think?

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Anissa 4/10/2007 07:43:00 PM  

Spy! I didn't realize you hadn't seen the previous seasons. Man! You've got some catching up to do. The thing I love most about 24 is that they're not afraid to kill off main characters.

In last night's episode I loved it when Ricky Schroder's character looked at all the dead bodies (including Fayed's) and said, "Damn, Jack." No doubt. Finally another character acknowledged what an ass kicker he is.

spyscribbler 4/10/2007 08:21:00 PM  

Oh yes! So true! I cracked up when he said that. I also did a mental "YES!" when, in the previews for 11:00 pm, Jack Bauer told the president, "You owe me!"

DH wants NCIS Season 3 in a week or two. I'm going to angle for a season of 24. :-) Which season is the best, that I've missed?

Anissa 4/10/2007 09:23:00 PM  

Oh jeez! I'll have to remember which was which. I'm totally anal and can't watch out of sequence. I think I started in season 2 then quickly rented #1 in order to catch up. They do tie together.

And they're all good! I'll get back to you...

Rob Brooks 4/11/2007 08:10:00 AM  

That may be the only picture of them together, but you can really see the love in her eyes, can't you? I think Jack has thrown everyone he loves up agaisnt a wall at some point and threatened them.

Monday night's episode was my favorite of the season. Just phenomenal. My wife and I also loved the "Damn, Jack," line, and can't wait for next episode. It's about time Jack started calling some favors, considering he's saved the country like 6 times now.

Each season is good in its own way, although fo rme, Season 3 was the worst--not to say that it was bad. I think 1, 2, and 4 were my favorites. 3 and 5 were just so depressing. This is the first season that I've watched week to week on TV, we rented all the others first and just caught up before this season started.

Therese 4/11/2007 10:46:00 AM  

I didn't laugh...but I did think the Audrey phone call coming right on the heels of Fayed's hanging was a bit much.

But I was so glad to see Audrey alive!

I agree, the Prez needs a nap--and they better not kill him off. Enough with the dead presidents. Which reminds me, does anyone know President Logan's status?

Anissa 4/11/2007 10:54:00 AM  

I was wondering that myself, Therese. About Logan.

So I decided. I think season 1 was my favorite. Then probably 2. I think you should start at the beginning and watch them all, but that's just me. :)

spyscribbler 4/11/2007 09:34:00 PM  

Rob, isn't that the truth? LOL. I found that picture and thought that it was classic Jack, and I haven't even seen all the seasons!

I'll start with season 1, then, Anissa! Thanks!

Yeah, Therese, I completely agree. To be honest, the story pretty much arc'ed and ended at 10:59 p.m. Now they're artificially extending the season, really. Starting a new story, I guess.

I really hope the President lives! Who's Prez Logan? Which season is he in? Must watch ...

Therese 4/13/2007 03:14:00 PM  

Logan's from last season...and is the former prez who this season helped lead CTU to Gredenko. His wife, Martha, attacked him a few episodes back.