Tuesday, April 17, 2007

24's Jack Bauer and Hope Floats

{hopefloats image}I’ve always been a movie-lover. When Hope Floats came out, it seemed to be the dawn of a new generation of movies in two ways: music and pacing. I once attended movies to listen to the latest west-coast composers, but Hope Floats was all songs--one of the greatest soundtracks ever! I don’t think there was a single composed-for-the-movie snippet of music.

That seemed to start a trend.

After Hope Floats, I also noticed pacing improving, too. (Again, this may have just been my perspective.) The pacing in Hope Floats was absolutely perfect. The golden moment was half-way through, when we have a whole happy-funny scene that offsets all the sadness and challenges that are going on. Juxtaposition, LOL! It’s an old-fashioned drama, so that moment made the whole movie ... breathable.

How does this compare to last night’s episode of 24? First the good: I thought the Audrey thing was going to be anti-climactic, but they raised the stakes for Jack: he’ll kill himself if he has to, so that the Chinese don’t get the chip. They raised the stakes for the White House: the President collapsed, and evil V-P is now Prez.

That’s all perfect, especially considering they have another 6 or so episodes left in the season.


//static.flickr.com/201/463361080_f672fda805_mI’m tired. The season really needed to end for me at 11:00. I suppose I shouldn’t expect a TV series to arc like a novel, but ... I do like series to have some arc over the whole season.

I don’t suppose a happy-funny "relief" scene would work in 24, but ... I’m tired. I need a breath before Jack gets all intense again.You know?

But then, maybe it’s me and my life that’s tired, and I’m just transferring it onto the show, you know? What do you guys think?

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StarvingWriteNow 4/18/2007 06:51:00 AM  

I think you need your writer weekend in the worst way.