Saturday, April 28, 2007

How to Become a Better Writer

You don’t hear published authors say what follows that often. It’s hard to say "buy my book; it’s good!" at the same time as saying "I have more to learn."

But here’s an author brave enough to say it: Ann Christopher guest-blogged on AuthorMBA Friday. Here’s the not-to-miss post on how to become a better writer. I think it’s the best advice I’ve heard!

But that’s the ideal, isn’t it? Of all the blurbs from reviewers I’ve seen, I dream about that quote about Nora, which says she keeps getting better and better.

In thirty years, I’ll be that little old lady at the back of the room, still attending all the classes as RWA conferences.

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spyscribbler 4/28/2007 03:11:00 PM  

And if you read the mistakes in that post, you'll see why I'll need to!!

The Dark Scribe 4/29/2007 01:05:00 AM  


I've been away for awhile. Lots of things going on (including my second manuscript request and rejection...woo hoo!), but I've straightened out some of the parts of my life that were weighing heavily on my time, so I expect to get back into the web presence soon.

Anyway, I've still been keeping up on your blog, among others, and I just wanted to say keep it up! It's amazing that you manage to keep this blog up to date and increase your web presence every day. Mad kudos, my friend.

Also, yeah, we have a house. But we live in Cleveland, where a three-bedroom in a good neighborhood costs about the same as a two-bedroom apartment, so it works out. We like it, anyway.

Keep writing, and keep blogging, and keep having fun (as if I need to tell you that...maybe I should take my own advice sometime :P)!

Karen Olson 4/29/2007 02:53:00 PM  

Every published writer I know always tries to "do better" with the next book. This is why the next book is actually harder to write than the one before, because now the author knows more and strives to create a better book. I'm going through that right now, pushing myself with my new book, challenging myself even more than before. And this is the hardest book I've written so far, and it's No. 4. It doesn't get easier.

spyscribbler 4/29/2007 03:48:00 PM  

Oh definitely, Karen! It's just not many of the more public ones *say* it in quite the way she did. In fact, some authors publicly eschew writing books and workshops. Heck, a lot of them barely read (which is hard to do when day-jobbing and writing, I understand). I've even heard it said that there's no point in going to the RWA conference once you're published.

Of course, everything's individual. But I see a lot of authors clam up about their struggles. It's so refreshing to hear her encourage both others and herself to keep studying and to keep striving!

You're so right about it getting harder. As Nora says, we've never written that book before.

The confidence and form get easier for me, though. It's worlds easier for me to write novellas now. Tons. It's not easier to do the story and characters better, though, but still.

Not a single bit of that transfers to a novel for me, though. Ugh! So maybe novels always stay impossible!