Friday, May 18, 2007

Gratitude and BIG Books

It’s my busiest week of the year, and smack in the middle, I get the news that my one publisher can only budget me in approximately two chapters a month. So after the Little N to the right, she can’t buy my next one until October. Kind of a bummer. She’s trying to find new authors that she can pay less money to, in the meantime. I’m not sure if she wanted me to offer to take a paycut, but ... it’s too much of a paycut for the time spent.

What can you do? I’m going to try to do more promoting for my pseudonym. I owe it to her, and I feel guilty for not doing that much. But the cost rewards for the work, for me, are very, very small. But still. It’s a loyalty thing. Life isn’t all about the money.

And now I have no excuse not to devote my time to the spy thriller. No mental break this time! No taking my time! It’s work, work, work for me. Coming back to it, its feeling more and more fleshed out; I’m so thrilled!

I heard many more authors ran into a bigger problem with ... what? Twenty-one imprints closing? Not to mention that awful Simon & Schuster "perpetuity" clause. I hope authors and agents stand up to that clause, because it could set a dangerous precedent.

Okay, I admit it. I signed a similar clause, eons ago. My first story. I didn’t know one darned thing, just was thrilled to get an honorable mention in a little contest. And then when asked for more, it would’ve cost more than my check to consult with a lawyer.

And finally, did you see Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, by Vincent Bugliosi? It’s a 1600 page tome that proves, beyond doubt, supposedly, that Lee Harver Oswald worked alone.

So do you really think I’m going to read SIXTEEN HUNDRED pages, if there are no conspiracies? No secrets to be revealed? No hidden machinations that brought down one of the most inspiring presidents in our history? Sixteen hundred pages to prove that it was just one damnable man, who acted alone, to assassinate the president?

Sure, I’ve got the time. If I have a kid, I’ll homeschool him and make him read it. Then he can tell me all about it. (Evil, evil, evil ...)

After being a little bummed yesterday, I’ve caught a couple of lucky breaks. That’s the story of my life. I have an unlucky event, but the luck I have afterwards proves to be well worth the unlucky bit. I’m so grateful.

People are just so damned nice sometimes, you know? How can I be nicer, too?

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