Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NCIS & Abby; 24 & Jack

Wow! Now that was a season finale! I’m struggling over plot in the Big N, and it sure helps me to see how 24 always goes for gut-grabbing stakes. How do they do it, over and over and over?

More importantly, what’d you think? And Chloe is pregnant!!!! Ex-hubby loves her again, so that’s cool. All is safe with the Bauer family ... except Bauer. I had a moment where I worried he was going to jump from that terrace.

What’d you think of the season finale?

More importantly, who do you think is going to die tonight in NCIS?

The previews hint that it could be Abby. That, and the fact she’s so charming, makes me believe that it won’t be Abby. Likewise, we can’t have a show without Jethro or Duckie. Those characters make the show.

I personally love Officer David, so I’m hoping it’s not her. They have totally under-utilized her character in the last few months, however.

That leaves Tony, McGee, and the Director.

If Tony died, then the sexual tension they’ve been developing with Officer David will never come to fruition ... so I’m thinking it won’t be him. Plus we don’t know when his psycho girlfriend is going to go ... psycho.

McGee is charming but expendable. Likewise, the Director is NOT charming, and she’s expendable. She means a lot to Jethro, but so much to the viewers.

My money’s on the Director. What do you think?

Of course, all story reasoning is off if an actor just decided not to continue working on the show. Then they’ve got to make the best of it.

2 bonus scribbles:

B.E. Sanderson 5/23/2007 08:56:00 AM  

All I can say is, thank goodness they didn't kill anyone off last night. I was mad enough when they killed off Kate a couple seasons ago. The cliffhanger surprise at the end got me though. Wow.

spyscribbler 5/23/2007 03:44:00 PM  

Great twists, I agree!

I don't know where DH got his info ... no one was killed! Thank goodness. I wasn't watching NCIS when Kate left, so I came to the show with Officer David. I am enjoying the early episodes, though!