Saturday, May 19, 2007

Say It Ain't So!

Oh. My. God.

Say it ain’t so, Joe ... er, Miss Snark.

What are we going to do without her???


6 bonus scribbles:

Susan Helene Gottfried 5/19/2007 05:10:00 PM  

Yeah, I know.

You shoulda seen the faces on the editor and the agent who I dropped the bomb on this morning, at a writer's conference.

Then again, you shoulda seen mine.

I feel like I've lost my best friend, and I hope I never find out her true identity.

Bernita 5/20/2007 06:02:00 AM  

One could see it coming though.
I'll miss her method of cutting through the bullshit. Learned so much from her.

spyscribbler 5/20/2007 06:29:00 PM  

I hear you, Susan. I was stunned and bummed.

I didn't see it coming, Bernita. Although, she was starting to answer the same question over again, she's right.

Me, too, Bernita. I learned so much from her!

Miss Snark 5/20/2007 09:26:00 PM  

Y'all are right kind, thank you.

spyscribbler 5/21/2007 01:06:00 PM  

Ohmigawd, I'm going to frame this section of my blog! Thanks for popping by, Miss Snark! And thanks for a great run on your blog!

Susan Helene Gottfried 5/21/2007 09:43:00 PM  

I REALLY hope I never find out who she is.