Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update on the Rain Situation: He LIVES on!

Oh PHEW!!!!!!

Just went to Barry’s Forums, and lookee what Barry said:

"Rain’s early life? I’m thinking about that for #8, as it happens."

So John Rain will be in another book! PHEW!

I am so addicted to this series.

Do you have any series like that? Where you rush to buy it, can’t put it down, and then fret over whether it will be the last or not?

Especially when they’re titled Requiem for an Assassin!

It is interesting that he’s considering Rain’s early life, because with the way this book ended, I don’t see how he could keep pulling Rain in and out of retirement and give him a different emotional arc each time.

Of course, Nora’s up to how many books in her J.D. Robb series? And she manages different emotional arcs each time.

But it’ll be good, I’m sure, whatever he does.

(Can you tell the carnival is in town? I don’t think any of my students are going to show up for their lessons today! I’m going to sit in the sun. We have so little of it, here!)

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