Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Laugh, Magic, and RWA

Wanna laugh your ass off? Then go to Paul Guyot’s post on his blog at Crimespace. He posted the funniest damn story, involving Barry Eisler, Joe Konrath, Laura Lippman, Robert Gregory Browne, and many others.

I haven’t laughed that much in awhile.

I don’t have much to blog about, so I’m going to answer a few comments here. A few days ago, Stewart casually asked (as if it were a simple question like, do you like bananas?):

"Do you believe in magic? Crowley defined magick as the imposition of one’s will on nature. Interesting, that. But do you believe in tapping something metaphysical and somehow bending it or drawing from it to bring about a benefit or wrong? It’s amazing how many people I know who would answer to the affirmative, or answer to the negative, but with a tone of uncertainty."

I believe in the power of belief, more than anything. I don’t believe in Crowley’s definition of magic, but I do believe in magic. I do believe in tapping into an energy in the universe, like one would use the winds when sailing. I also believe in consequences of doing that. And finally, I believe in destiny, and that life is easier when you sail with the winds of destiny, and not against them. Oh, I forgot. I also believe in luck, bigtime.

So what about you (plural, not just Stewart, LOL)? Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in destiny?

In my PAN vs. PRO vs. WTF post, Lori G. Armstrong said:

The irony? I also write pure hot romance under a different name, Lorelei James. And my publishing house, Samhain, recently received RWA recognition, so I could apply for PAN under my pen name...

But like another person commented, if I do apply for PAN, they’ll probably change the damn rules and I’ll get kicked out again. I don’t need this aggravation for an organization who does nothing for me, besides make me feel like a loser because I’m not in their little "club." Give me MWA. I’ll spend my $90 elsewhere. And I know a ton of other writers who aren’t renewing dues to RWA for the same reasons I just listed.

Lori, thanks for the great comment! I totally hear you! It wasn’t until after I joined RWA, after having written and been selling for nearly four years, that I learned I wasn’t a "real writer." My local org is sweet, and they don’t make that distinction, but the National org?

That’s why it says "kinda-writer" up there on the right. How sad is that?

I just don’t see that the benefits of PAN/PRO (a pin?) are worth all the drama, hurt feelings, and anger that’s swirling around right now. It’s a professional organization, not a school. A ’leveling’ system isn’t inspiring in that setting; it’s more annoying. It seems cliquish

So, Lori, et al ... are you telling me that for all the money I’m spending on the National conference, there are workshops I can’t go to because I don’t have this stupid pin? Which ones?

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