Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lazy, lazy, lazy days ...

I have nothing to talk about. I have spent three blissful days doing nothing at all productive. I haven’t even been thinking. Just relaxing. Not even reading, or imagining, or ... anything.

I’ve just been sitting on the lawn, watching the insects play in the grass, the bees flit from clover to clover. Did you ever notice just how much life exists in our lawn?

Sadly, a trek across a lawn must kill countless life! It moves, it bristles with life!

I’ve also been watching a bunch of Star Trek, which is always fun.

Lazy days end tomorrow, unfortunately.

Well, with nothing to say, I’m going to go sit in the sun for a couple minutes, then dig up my old VHS’s of DS9. They’re releasing them on TV too slowly!

Have you had a good weekend? What do you do when you do nothing?

6 bonus scribbles:

B.E. Sanderson 6/24/2007 11:53:00 PM  

Right now I don't have time to do nothing. Ack. I loved your post about it though. Oh, to lay in the grass and just... do nothing.

I had a good weekend. I finally finished the edit on my third book, which I've been pushing to complete. So now I'm taking time to visit some of the blogs I haven't had time for lately.

StarvingWriteNow 6/25/2007 07:23:00 AM  

Umm... nothing?

(I'm sooo witty...)

avery 6/25/2007 09:09:00 AM  

I always think of the bugs I must squash when walking.

This weekend was much outside work -- trimming hedges, giving the steps an new coat of paint, hanging a porch swing in the sun room, and running to Lowe's every six minutes. It was a good weekend. Now that I have my porch swing, I expect that's what I'll be doing when doing nothing -- rocking back and forth for hours, eyes glazed, mouth slackened.

The Dark Scribe 6/25/2007 09:51:00 AM  

I've been kinda lazy, too. Not much writing going on last weekend, which would be okay except I didn't plan on it.

But, the relaxing was great. Last night we sat out back as the sun set, with our tiki torches burning and the birds singing, it was pretty nice :)

Anissa 6/25/2007 12:10:00 PM  

Good for you! It's too hot to sit outside, but that's okay. I'm still cranking through revisions. Just reading about your relaxing days did wonders for me. Thanks!

Shelley Munro 6/25/2007 10:18:00 PM  

Doing nothing is good - it helps the brain recharge. That's my excuse anyway! I like sitting out on the deck with my husband on a nice day, looking at the garden and chatting. That's a great way to do not much at all :)