Thursday, June 21, 2007

One Winner and Thirteen Useless Facts

perfectly plum imgThanks to, Commenter #3--Susan Helene Gottfried--won the contest! And she even guessed correctly: my essay in the Perfectly Plum Anthology is "Disaster to Diva: Why Lula Should Be the Next Self-Help Goddess."

Thanks for participating in my very first contest! You guys are the coolest!

About this week’s Thursday Thirteen: I won’t be home tomorrow evening, so I’ll be popping by y’all’s blogs Thursday night. I’m sorry I’ll be so late, but I’ll make sure not to miss you guys!


Thirteen Facts from The Book of Useless Information
By Noel Botham and The Useless Information Society:

  1. According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.
  2. In Cleveland, Ohio, it’s illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.
  3. George Washington grew marijuana in his garden.
  4. The main library at Indiana University sinnks more than an inch every year because when it was built, engineers failed to take into account the wight of all the books that would occupy the building.
  5. A jiffy is an actual unit of time: one-hundredth of a second. Thus the saying, "I will be there in a jiffy!"
  6. The queen (or more precisely the Royal Household) owns all the swans in England. The post of Royal Swanskeeper is a post that has been around since 1215, and he and his staff are responsible for keeping accurate statistics about the number and whereabouts of the royal swans.
  7. Eleanor Roosevelt at three chocolate-covered garlic balls for most of her adult life.
  8. Here’s the recipe.
  9. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.
  10. More than one hundred descendants of Johann Sebastian Bach have been cathedral organists.
  11. King Kong was Adolf Hitler’s favorite movie.
  12. In Indiana, it is illegal to ride public transportation for at least thirty minutes after eating garlic.
  13. Umm ... I forgot to write down a thirteenth one. So do you have a useless fact to add?

26 bonus scribbles:

Anonymous,  6/21/2007 01:51:00 AM  

I LOVE these! My brain is filled with "useless" information... that's probably why I do so poorly in math, equations give up their space for fun facts! :) Great TT! Have a wonderful weekend!

'B' 6/21/2007 04:40:00 AM  

I wouldn't say that this is a list of 'useless' information, rather than necessary research for a trivial persuit game!!! ;)
Our list is up as well, if you want to stop by for a look see...
Cheers for now

coffeefreak 6/21/2007 08:38:00 AM  

From Bizarro Facts and Radical Earthlings: In an average lifetime a person grows about 1,000 layers of new skin.

Great idea. I really loved this post!

Lorelei James,  6/21/2007 10:04:00 AM  

Eww. Chocolate coated garlic gloves?

But good to know.

Lesley 6/21/2007 10:27:00 AM  

You know! I love chocolate, and I love garlic, but I just don't think I would love them together! What a fun list! :D

Susan Helene Gottfried 6/21/2007 11:50:00 AM  


I won?

Wow! Scribbler, that's cool! Thanks!

Love the useless facts. But... if you live in Cleveland (apologies to those who must, including some of my own family) and your cat catches the mice, are you in trouble of any sort if you don't have a permit?

Just checking...

StarvingWriteNow 6/21/2007 12:00:00 PM  

My mind is a veritable bottomless pit of useless information. However, since you're asking I can't think of a single item. But I can give you a forinstance of what happens to me all the time:

My boss, the other day, was wracking her brain trying to remember something just at the moment I was passing by. She says "I just can't remember who sang 'Come on Eileen'!" Without pausing a beat I said, "Dexy's Midnight Runners." "How do you know that?" "My mind is a bottomless pit of useless information."

FRIGGA 6/21/2007 01:09:00 PM  

I never knew #5 - those were all very interesting!

If you have time, my TT13 this week is 13 All or Nothing Q's.

The Dark Scribe 6/21/2007 05:15:00 PM  

Holy Crow!

I live in Cleveland and had no idea that I could be breaking the law! Since Susan is probably on to something with the cat, and since you probably can't charge a housecat with, well, anything, I guess I'll leave all the mouse hunting to him.

Anyway, great TT! Have a good weekend!

colleen 6/21/2007 05:31:00 PM  

I did not know that. The jiffy one really surprised me. Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis too.

Darla 6/21/2007 06:17:00 PM  

LOL! These are fun. According to Snopes, though, the library one isn't true:

Still cringing over the chocolate-covered garlic. Yuck.

Therese 6/21/2007 07:28:00 PM  

Ha! Great trivia!

(I didn't enter the book contest, btw, 'cause I knew the answer!)

Alyssa Goodnight 6/21/2007 09:56:00 PM  

Evidently I need to stop saying 'I'll be there in a jiffy', because there's no chance I'll ever make it. ;)

Great list!

L^2 6/21/2007 10:12:00 PM  

Hehe... great list of "useless" facts. I actually already knew some of thses, but my head seems to be filled with all sorts of useless stuff. :-)

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Perri Nelson 6/21/2007 10:13:00 PM  

Useless facts... I don't know that the first one is useless, at least to people that want to die but are worried that suicide might be an unforgivable sin... After all, if you "try", get caught, and are hanged you were executed, you didn't actually suicide, so you have time to repent and ask forgiveness before you die.

Gattina 6/21/2007 10:45:00 PM  

Queen Victoria from England used to eat jam out of mariuhana when she had her period !

Ann 6/21/2007 11:07:00 PM  

Great list. Okay, one piece of useless information. How about this, when Greenland was settled (and named), during the brief warm spell before the last mini ice age, it actually was warm (they raised livestock there). Happy Solstice!

Ed 6/21/2007 11:14:00 PM  

Great list of trivia. Can be fun in multiple places.

Ann Aguirre 6/21/2007 11:27:00 PM  

The human head weighs 8 pounds.

Anonymous,  6/22/2007 12:42:00 AM  

What a fun TT! I found it particularly funny that Charlie Chaplin placed third in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Christine d'Abo 6/22/2007 07:43:00 AM  

These are a riot! I love the first one though. That is too funny.

Angela/SciFiChick 6/22/2007 08:06:00 AM  

#12 is hilarious. One of those old laws that have just never been thrown out.
What if I take a cop with me and go give breathalizers to everyone on the IndyGo buses? I bet we could arrest a lot of people.

Amy Ruttan 6/22/2007 08:57:00 AM  

#1, I laughed my head off about that, that's hilarious.

My stupid fact that in 18th century Europe they would shave off their eyebrows and use the skin of the mouse as fake eyebrows. Oh and they would lard their powdered wigs and have long scratchers to pull out vermin like mice from their hair. YUCK!!!

Of course I will be posting every detail as it happens (my book I mean).

Happy TT!! And thanks for dropping by mine!

Lisa Andel 6/22/2007 09:31:00 AM  

Hello, love the TT.
My contribution: Ketchup was originally made from fish broth and mushrooms. (Yum, yum.)

FRIGGA 6/25/2007 12:55:00 AM  

I just wanted to stop by and let you know I posted the responses to the TT13 All or Nothing Q's, it's up at Any Apples if you wanna take a look.