Monday, June 11, 2007

RWA Members: Make your voice heard! (PAN, PRO, etc.)

If you haven’t noticed, I have a tendency to make my opinion known, LOL. But I think you should, too. If you’re an RWA member, but not on the rwaorg list, please consider joining and letting the board members know your feelings. You can also contact Nic ( and Trish (, to let them know your thoughts.

They are very open and attentive to all opinions, so it would be a shame for people to grumble after the fact and feel alienated, rather than speak up now.

My idea?

Well, y’all know my first idea is to let members judge for themselves what workshops they need, and do away with this casting system.

I’m told that’s not going to happen.

So my second favorite idea? Why only one criterion? Why not emulate MWA (since so many are mentioning them as an example) and have several criteria for membership?

For example:

  1. Past membership in PAN.
  2. Published by an RWA-approved publisher.
  3. $X for a novel.
  4. $X for a novella.
  5. $X in a year.
  6. Any other ideas?

Perhaps you disagree with me, but whatever your opinion, please voice it. I would like to see the organization get through this without alienating members and hurting feelings. Your opinion does count! (At least, I hope it does!)

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