Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mornings, Again. Or, Coffee is Cool.

I had a paradigm shift this morning.

(I’m giggling my head off. I’ve always wanted to use that phrase, because I love to make fun of it. Isn’t it deliciously ridiculous?)

Anyhow, this morning was not a good morning. I had to wake up at 6, after two very bad nights of sleep. (Or shall we say non-sleep?) It felt like I was ripped from sleep, with part of my soul stuck in the dreamworld. Do you know, it is absolutely TRAUMATIC for me, just to wake up in the morning.

I am not a morning person.

However, after I had grumped and grogged through my workout and gotten dressed, I had an epiphany: If I can manage to get myself up early in the morning, I can handle anything.

Honestly. I can’t figure out what is harder, in a typical day, than getting up. It makes any challenge seem easy.

My second revelation of the morning is coffee. Since Jeremy James mentioned coffee, I’d decided to try coffee for awhile.

Boy, am I high, LOL.

I’m so talkative and energetic that I feel self-conscious, because I’m sure the people who know me are thinking, what, is she on speed now?

I can’t really even call it coffee. It’s more of a mud texture, with tons of soymilk and honey. Yummy.

And I’m getting tons done. I think I can get used to this coffee thing. Who needs healthy?

6 bonus scribbles:

Nicole Kelly 7/31/2007 02:30:00 PM  

I totally had to rediscover coffee when I started my new job. There's nothing like editing technical manuals to help to push you to that need to pep up at 3 pm.

As for the morning thing, I am right there with you. Unfortunently, I have also noticed that if I go running in the morning life goes much better.

Karin,  8/01/2007 02:54:00 AM  

Spy, mornings are for the afflicted. As those early birds are waking up, I'm heading to bed. Hubby and my kids, we're all night owls. and I love coffee.

JMC 8/01/2007 09:00:00 AM  

That's so funny. That's how I first felt when I tried coffee. I grew up in the south, where it was so hot that no one sane drank coffee in the mornings; we had Coke for breakfast. :) When I moved up north, and had more than one child, and thus had not enough sleep, I tried coffee. It was awful! But with enough cream and sugar, it was drinkable. And I, well, I was the Energizer bunny! Now with those flavored creamers, coffee is wonderful, and I'm a coffee fiend!

StarvingWriteNow 8/01/2007 07:30:00 PM  

I've been a coffee drinker since just about ever. Love my coffee.

PS: Check me out to see which HP character I am!

avery 8/01/2007 08:49:00 PM  

That caffeine stuff is fine until you decide to quit. Then the withdrawal headaches will nearly kill you. It's my current mission to get off that 'juice.' Not fun.

Edie 8/01/2007 11:36:00 PM  

I drink one cup of coffee a day, but lately it's been too hot to drink that. I still have my morning green tear though. :) Good for you for getting up so early to do your workout.