Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #?: Help me; win a book!

I write in an orderly way. I can’t write my first chapter until I’ve got a title, and I can’t write my story until I’ve got a first chapter. Okay, I already have first chapters galore, second chapters, scattered scenes, but it’s just not gelling yet.

So I’m begging your help. Here are thirteen facts and thoughts on my WIP. If you leave at least one idea for a title in the comments section, I’ll one lucky winner and send you a signed copy of Cherry Adair’s Edge of Danger.


Thirteen Bits About my Work-In-Progress
The Quest for a Title

  1. Main Character: Lauren Price
  2. Occupation: Humanitarian by day, assassin by night.
  3. Age: 34
  4. Backstory: Retired Marine, too good at killing for her own comfort.
  5. Main Character Trait: Stubbornly principled, even to a fault.
  6. Her Journey is to become an assassin and spy.

    My Ideas so far:
  7. Spy Awakened
  8. Assassin Awakened
  9. Heart of an Assassin
  10. Web of Lies (I think this title has been done before, but I’ll have to check.)
  11. Secrets ... um, Secrets ... um, I like the word Secrets. Help, anyone?
  12. Truth or Dare
  13. Leave your title idea in the comments to win Cherry Adair’s Edge of Danger!

Join in the Thursday Thirteen fun!

38 bonus scribbles:

Karina 7/05/2007 03:12:00 PM  

I don't have a title idea for you, but I thought immediately that I'd play off her last name "Price", as in something like assasin for hire at a price, that general idea, you know? Good luck with this!

OH, and happy TT.

colleen 7/05/2007 04:30:00 PM  

I like Truth or Dare with a subtile using one of the other choices. Maybe something will come to me later. Good luck with it!

FRIGGA 7/05/2007 04:32:00 PM  

You are far more creative than I could ever hope to be. With that said, I like the title Heart of an Assassin.

Happy TT13 :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried 7/05/2007 04:39:00 PM  

Daytime Humanitarian.

Hey, you said it, not me. But it sure makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

Lesley 7/05/2007 04:40:00 PM  

How about...
Assassin with a Heart of Gold
Okay I have to admit that I'm not the best with titles. hehehe
The book sounds interesting!

Perri Nelson 7/05/2007 04:44:00 PM  

Good luck on the title search.

By the way, spyscribbler, I'll have a MUCH more extensive post on blogshares in a couple of days. I've been writing it for the last week now.

Darla 7/05/2007 04:49:00 PM  

Who cares about a title? I just want to read it--NOW! I absolutely love this premise.


Benevolent Assassin
Charitable Secrets
Secret Charity
The Price of Secrets
The Secret Price
Dangerous Secrets
Killing Secrets
Killing Price
Dangerous Price

Just brainstorming--maybe one of them will knock an idea loose. Good luck!

Ann 7/05/2007 05:03:00 PM  

Here's a few:
Killer Secrets
Secret Death (I'm not so sure on that one)
Mercy Killing
The Price of Death
The Deadly Price
Good Luck

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel 7/05/2007 05:21:00 PM  

I too, must go in order. When I skip, to go back later, it's never as good as if I go through it like a reader.

Elle Fredrix 7/05/2007 05:32:00 PM  

I thought of Killer Secrets as well.

Around here we use killer to mean "very cool" or "the ultimate" so it could be an intersting play on words.

Ed 7/05/2007 05:46:00 PM  

How about "Buried Secrets.


Alyssa Goodnight 7/05/2007 05:54:00 PM  

I thought I had a great one with The Price of Secrets but then I saw Darla thought of the same.

How about Serious Secrets, Secret Assassin?
Sorry I can't be more help.

Qtpies7 7/05/2007 05:57:00 PM  

I think something that shows the irony of her two jobs would be a good title. But so many have been said that I'm not sure I could come up with an original one!
Double Play
Bad Samaritan

Liz Wolfe 7/05/2007 06:00:00 PM  

Well, off the top of my head:

At Any Price
The Price of Honor
No Price Too Great

Geez. I'm usually better at titles.

Christine d'Abo 7/05/2007 06:08:00 PM  

Hummm....I'm pretty sucky with titles but how about The Price of Death?

Angela/SciFiChick 7/05/2007 06:19:00 PM  

How fun.. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Secrets and Lies
Spy by Night
Journey to Death
Death Dealer
Secrets Can Kill
Deadly Price
Killer Price
Killer Humanitarian - hehe

TinaGerow 7/05/2007 07:14:00 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Hmm, titles aren't my forte, but how about Stealthy Secrets? :)

Good luck with the book!

Anonymous,  7/05/2007 07:15:00 PM  

Wow, sounds like a neat book! Very intriguing main character. I would read that! :)

And here's an idea for a title: Night Secrets, or alternately, Nighttime Secrets.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine! :)

Lori 7/05/2007 07:31:00 PM  

I like heart of an assassin...thats cool...heartless but cool:)

mama kelly 7/05/2007 08:04:00 PM  

I have to add my vote for Heart of an Assassin

Happy Th13 and may the gelling commence!!

Mama Kelly

StarvingWriteNow 7/05/2007 08:09:00 PM  

This is all I've got:

For A Price

PS: I have the "Edge" books about YOUR Perfectly Plum instead? I know, greedy greedy greedy... :)

The Dark Scribe 7/05/2007 08:15:00 PM  

Secret Assassin.

I don't's simple, but seems to describe what you're working with.

Good luck!


Amy Ruttan 7/05/2007 08:32:00 PM  

I suck at titles. Sorry Spyscribbler. My current WIP Journey, Wylie Kinson helped me with it, hence why I named one of my characters after her.

All I can think of is Killer Instincts (which I have none of).

lissa 7/05/2007 09:05:00 PM  

Here's my two cents:

Wild Child Assassin

The Eccentric Spy

The Eccentric Assassin

Still Heart of an Assassin sounds good to me

Joely Sue Burkhart 7/05/2007 09:28:00 PM  

Deadly Secrets? Great topic, and I hope you find a title that speaks to you!

Robin 7/05/2007 11:53:00 PM  

I'm heading to the airport in a few minutes, but I'll have a think about it while I'm gone :).

Thinking about using the dichotomy of her two roles though - something about on the lines of The Darkness Within...

Raven Paranormal Blog 7/06/2007 12:28:00 AM  

Great list!

I like Spy Awakened

Rhian / Crowwoman 7/06/2007 07:07:00 AM  

YAY! i didn't see these yet:

A Price to Pay

No More Secrets

Sweet Secrets

Pricey Secrets (heh)

okay - i'm getting goofy....

Bernita 7/06/2007 07:59:00 AM  

How about The Reluctant Assassin?

JLB 7/06/2007 08:52:00 AM  

The Price of Excellence

The Deadly Samaritan

Karen Olson 7/06/2007 09:46:00 AM  

I think you already have a title:

Assassin by Night

Lady Jane 7/06/2007 05:05:00 PM  

Interesting post!! How about Secret Price, in that she is sort of two people, but one is a Secret Price (get it?) :). And, she pays a "secret price" for her abilities, job, etc.

Anissa 7/07/2007 11:19:00 AM  

The Assassin's call
Birth of an Assassin
Dawn of the Assassin

Just a thought. :)

Aimless Writer 7/07/2007 11:32:00 AM  

Assassin with Secrets
Secrets of an Assassin
Her Secret life
Morals of an Assassin
God Bless the Assassin
Secrets kill

Joy Renee 7/09/2007 06:20:00 PM  

how about, Price Raising? or A Raise In Price--playing on her name, the awakening of her powers and alluding to the cost to the soul of such a secret and deadly skillset.

but that's scraping the barrel as several of the ones my mind pounced on before i clicked over to comments were already mentioned--the other ones playing with her name.

thanx for visiting my tt. sorry it took so long to get back to you.

OpenChannel 7/10/2007 09:23:00 PM  

So far I like the ones with interesting juxtapositions or ironic ideas like:

Benevolent Assassin
Bad Samaritan
Reluctant Assassin
Deadly Samaritan

and I also like Assassin by Night

How about Moonlight Assassin?
(as in Moonlighting)
or Killing with Kindness?

my 2.11 cents
(Canadian exchange rate)