Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday: Fire Ants at National

It's been fun so far! I signed up for a 5:55 flight, which seemed a fine enough time. But when you add getting there the required two hours early, as well as the time to park at the park 'n fly and then take the shuttle to the airport, and the time it takes to get to the park 'n fly, I had to leave at 2:45.

Since I was late getting ready, I didn't sleep.

The first day was a little bit of a haze because of it. I volunteered a bit and visited the goody room. GREAT goody room! I got quite a few books that I've been dying to read.

One group blog, Naughty and Spice, handed out Charms lollipops! Yum.

But this is Texas. After I finished the lollipop, I set down the lollipop stick on the wrapper, on the windowsill. Would you believe that even way up here, on the 14th floor of a big hotel, it was swarmed with fire ants within FIVE MINUTES??????

Then one of my roommates--a nurse, bless her soul--told me stories about how people will keel over from a heart attack (still living), and by the time they get to the hospital, they have pockets of fire ants in their body.

So my first night here, I kept waking up with phantom fire ants all over my body, and dreams of fire ants eating me alive.

2 bonus scribbles:

Sparky Duck 7/12/2007 12:33:00 PM  

fire ants are really truly nasty little buggers

Shelli Stevens 7/16/2007 11:36:00 AM  

OMG! Hi (I'm a Naughty and Spice girl) and I was on the 14th floor too--1408 actually, how freaky is that? And we TOTALLY had fire ants. EVERYWHERE.