Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday: Literacy Signing

I keep forgetting to mention that you can read TONS of great posts on the National conference at Blogging National. And there's an RWA Official Conference Blog, too!

I woke up at 7, and worked the Literacy setup from 8 - 8. While I do think one should volunteer at National, a 12-hour day is TORTURE to the feet. Especially to writer-feet, that are accustomed to you sitting down for most of the day, propping them up nice and comfy-like.

The Literacy Signing was noisy and hot, with tons of people everywhere. I loved it for the first hour. I won a basket in the raffle!

I am just loving all the adults around. It is SO great to talk to adults! I chatted myself hoarse yesterday!

I was in charge of watering the A and B authors, including Suzanne Brockmann. She's a class act. She also brought two assistants--men--who were pretty damn good-looking. I now want to be her so I can hire two hot assistants, too.

Seriously, though, they were cool because they kept her line under control and we didn't have to. :-)

I thought I would die and never make it to the Chick Lit chapter's party, but I made it! They had cheese and spinach dip and ... Oh. My. God. ... this mousse parfait thing with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mousse. Amazing! They even topped it with a truffle! It was well worth the asthma attack, LOL.

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Edie 7/19/2007 08:24:00 AM  

I had the mousse parfait thing at the FF&P buffet and the dessert bar at the GH/RITA reception. Yummy.

How cool to meet Suzanne Brockmann (I'm guessing you met her). But what were you thinking of to volunteer for 12 hours! Next year hang around the bar with me. *eg*

Seriously, I started losing my voice, trying to talk over all the noise at the literacy signing and had to leave early. I missed seeing a lot of authors on my list. :(