Thursday, July 19, 2007

Words of Inspiration

Tobias Buckell has a great blog, if you haven’t been. Even if you’re not into science fiction, I’d still recommend listening to his interview with Sarah Beth Durst in this week’s segment of Ask an Author on Adventures in Scifi Publishing.

She’s both charming and inspiring!

Best quote from the interview:

"It is a long road and one of the things that makes it hard is that there’s no real, clear path ... you sorta have to make one for yourself ... I really feel the key to it is just sticking with it for long enough ... you can, in effect, make your own luck...

It’s a right place, right time, right thing. If you write enough things, you’ll eventually get the right thing; if you write for long enough, you’ll get the right time; and if you do research and try to learn as much about the business and who you should be submitting to, then you’ll get the right place."

Great words of advice!

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Loreth Anne White 7/20/2007 07:37:00 PM  

I guess you just gotta hang in for the long haul, and go the distance. I like those words :)

Love the new-look blog, too.