Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Latest CIA show ... Oh no!!!!!!!

So I’ve been looking forward to The Company for AGES! Ages, ages, ages. I do searches on my DVR nearly every month. I’ve done internet searches, and I just didn’t know when it started.

Well, wouldn’t you figure, I missed the start of THE latest spy show??? Sundays at 8, supposedly. I’m not clear on how many I’ve missed, because there’s three episodes listed, but it said it started August 5. I hope they show the first episode again!

The Company is a miniseries about the CIA based on Robert Littell’s book with the same title. I know nothing about how faithful it is to the original, but I’m sure interested in finding out. I do hope that they portray women a little better in the series than they did in the book. The Company was the audiobook, I’m afraid, that precipitated my Testosterone Overload. Remember?

Don’t get me wrong, I love men. I just need a few women in my fiction that aren’t simpering weaklings, or manipulated pawns. (Spy fiction does call for a lot of manipulated pawns, though, doesn’t it?)

As I was browsing TNT in the hopes of finding a schedule (HAH! Think again.), I stumbled across the Art of War series. Has anyone seen them? Are they any good?

I’m missing TV, which is bizarre.

7 bonus scribbles:

Anissa 8/07/2007 03:23:00 PM  

Sounds cool! I'll have to check it out. Can you watch it online to catch up?

Erica Orloff 8/07/2007 03:44:00 PM  

Hi Spy:
I watched it AND Tivo'd it. So far, there's only one female spy.

I'll be interested to see what you think.


P.S. Michael Keaton . . . brilliance. This is the role of a lifetime for him. Not "showy" per se. Just intense and very good acting.

StarvingWriteNow 8/07/2007 04:00:00 PM  

You're missing TV?? You must be sick or something!

Just teasing, dear... I'd miss TV if there were something really good on it--I'm quite the skeptic lately.

Liz Wolfe 8/07/2007 06:09:00 PM  

Oh, no! I've been looking forward to that one too. Had no idea I'd already missed it. Crap. Gotta go set up the Tivo now.
Oh, and yes, there have to be manipulated pawns but that doesn't mean they have to be female. Ever.

spyscribbler 8/07/2007 07:39:00 PM  

You can, Anissa! Except I can't get those to work on my computer without these annoying pauses every twenty seconds. It's beyond irritating. But it is TNT, so maybe I'll try. Maybe they have a different thingamabob!

That sounds cool, Erica! The casting lineup looks great. I'm looking forward to it, and very upset I missed it!

Yeah really, Liz! Me, too! I've been waiting and searching forever, since February or so when I first learned of it. And then they show it without telling us!

LOLOL, Starving. Yeah, I am. And my TV used to live in my closet, years ago. I'd bring it out every few months, LOL. DH has spoiled me! I'm addicted, now!

Bernita 8/08/2007 09:00:00 AM  

You are so right about the manipulated pawns.

Edie 8/09/2007 08:29:00 AM  

I'm not watching it, but my bil was going on and on about it when I called my sister, lol. The only show I'm watching this summer is The Closer. Love how the main character is smart yet vulnerable, with so many faults.