Monday, September 03, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

It was one of those days where, after I came home from writing, I can’t wait to get back to it in the morning.

It’s like my character has my heart, and I gotta get back to her.

But right now, sleep has my brain. When I sat down, I actually had interesting thoughts to share. Ah well.

Oh, right. I’ve never made the mistake of picking the wrong POV character before. Erica Orloff was talking about Shiny New Idea Syndrome, and I was missing that buzzy feeling one gets about some ideas. I went Borders wandering the other night, just trolling for ideas because I missed that feeling. (I don’t let myself bring my laptop.) It occurred to me that in this one idea I’ve been struggling with, I kept hating that the main character took me away from this set of characters I’d developed in my head.

There was one particular character who seemed so intriguing to me, that I felt I had to leave her mysterious, so that she would elicit the same fascination and mystery to the reader as she does for me.

Then ... what if she was my main character? The key is diving into that mystery and exploring it. I’ve struggled with this idea forever, but I’m praying this is the key. I hope, dear God, I hope.

But I’ve shoved it in the corner of my brain. I try to always be a couple ideas ahead of what I’m currently writing, but I can’t live in them, yet. Have you ever worn out an idea by thinking about it too much before you could get to the writing of it?

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Joan Swan 9/03/2007 01:37:00 AM  

Have you ever worn out an idea by thinking about it too much before you could get to the writing of it?

Too many times to count, Natasha. But it's typically too compelling to put away, so I still write it and during the writing, it changes and evloves and in that way, typically stays fresh around the edges...if you know what I mean.

Good luck - you sound like you're on a roll!

Karen Olson 9/03/2007 08:48:00 AM  

I just write and see where the characters bring me. And see which characters end up telling the story. I go with my gut, no outlines, and if things change, they change and I let them.

I don't see why a main character couldn't be mysterious. That sounds intriguing.

Edie 9/03/2007 09:14:00 AM  

I never wear out an idea thinking about it. If an idea is good for me, it grows and changes and becomes more solid and real. If it's not good, then it stales and peters out. :(

Have fun playing around with other characters--especially your mysterious one. It will be interesting to see what you do with this.

Erica Orloff 9/03/2007 09:18:00 AM  

Hi . . . worn out an idea . . . kind of. I've on occasion worn out my enthusiasm for it. Once I take it out into the light of day and hold it up to the light and look at all the facets, I sometimes think, "Hmm . . . don't like this as much as I thought I did."


writtenwyrdd 9/03/2007 02:55:00 PM  

What happens to me is that I'll come up with too many ideas and then I confuse myself. I become torn, unable to choose.