Saturday, September 29, 2007

Q, Star Trek, and the Orchestra

From Peer Gynt:

Up till now, you have never been yourself,
so it’s all the same if you die completely.

The translation they used at the orchestra tonight was much better, but no amount of searching online will find the exact words they said tonight. (Of course, they were perfect!)

I’m pretty sure the above quote sums up the entire play, LOL. It’s all about being true to yourself -- exactly what I needed to hear tonight.

Basically, if you aren’t true to who you are, then you get melted down into a button, LOL. A different sort of hell, I suppose ... I missed the first half, but I’m pretty sure the symbolism goes back to a materialism thing.

Life is too short not to do exactly what you want, to not live your dream life.

Peer Gynt (Grieg’s music) was directed by Vladimir Ashkenazy, and the Cleveland Orchestra sounded like the old Cleveland Orchestra, like they did ten years ago! I loved hearing that sound again! Even though I certainly love the ... European sort of style Welser-Most brought to the orchestra. It was a nice change.

The narrator and button-molder (played by the same person) sounded SO familiar. I couldn’t place it, couldn’t place it ... and then I looked it up.

It’s Q!!!!!!!! I almost fell out of my chair! Star Trek’s Q!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I remember hearing him sing, but I had no idea he was an opera director, that he’d written ten symphonic plays, that it was him up there!

SO cool. I wanna go again tomorrow night.

Being your true self. I love that message. If you’re not yourself, what’s the point? God, I really wanna see the whole thing tomorrow night. We were late and missed the first half. Damnit...

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