Saturday, September 01, 2007

Two More Hours!

I can't wait! It's so weird. We've been together for years, but I've got this silly little nervous feeling in my stomach. I don't feel nervous, but my stomach does.

Or maybe I'm just so excited, it feels like nervous, LOL.

I pushed out 1,000 words, but I can't seem to focus. Don't feel like cleaning. I just wanna go sit at the airport and wait for DH. Two hours at baggage claim. Why not?

Speaking of the cats, did I tell you that every day I hold the phone to each cat's ear, and let them hear DH's voice? His cat (the one that is his baby in every way), turns her head to hear it, rolls over in happiness, rubs her cheeks against the phone, and purrs like crazy. She even butts her head up to the phone, as if he can pet her through the phone.

So the answering machine thing and pets? Definitely not silly pet-parent behavior.

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Edie 9/03/2007 09:10:00 AM  

Aw, how cute. So glad your hubby's home and you and the kitties are happy again.