Friday, October 26, 2007

The BBC and the WIP.

I love the BBC. They have a week in pictures, "Your perspective on the world October 20 - 26," and on the right side of that, they the last few "Day in pictures."

From best I can tell, the BBC covers the world much better than CNN. We Americans are a bit focused on ourselves. Did you know yesterday was the end of Buddhist Lent? Did you know Buddha had a Lent? The BBC is cool.

And do you know how refreshing it is to get reporting on the Iraq War that’s not mired in this Republican vs. Democrat fight? That’s not surrounded by name-calling and political pushing? Just the plain, simple truth.

My latest WIP has a bigger cast. I didn’t choose that intentionally, it was sort of a by-product. Funny how we sometimes choose the skill that we need to improve, without giving it any conscious thought.

I’m also trying to think about mood, you know? Erica Orloff (of course, LOL) got me thinking about mood with her post on Eastern Promises. The whole movie is stark and gritty and unrelentingly dark. It matches her book, The Roofer.

I couldn’t write that, but I realized that I don’t give enough thought to the overall mood I want to convey.

So what are you trying to improve with the latest WIP? What’s the mood of your WIP?

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Edie 10/26/2007 11:09:00 AM  

I read the Iraq article, and you're right, it was good to read an honest report not filtered through a political fog. Our major newspapers are failing the people as much as the government is.

I'm improving my writing in my wip. I'm letting my voice run free and not worrying about rules. No head hopping, lol, but mostly putting more "voice" into my book.

Loreth Anne White 10/26/2007 11:37:00 AM  

Ooh -- another BBC fan! I love the news from that site, have it delivered to my Inbox :)

Not sure about the mood of my WIP yet, I'm trying for something that I havent quite yet articulated to myself, I think.

Kate S 10/26/2007 01:38:00 PM  

BBC fan over here too.

What am I trying to improve in my current WIP? Hmmm... getting to the end? lol

I'd have to say deeper characterization and plot. Haven't given a lot of thought to the mood, exactly, except for certain scenes. Would have to noodle on that more.

However, for now, I'm really focused on getting to the finish line with the best story I can. :)

Stewart Sternberg 10/26/2007 07:24:00 PM  

I seldom watch or listen to broadcast news. Instead, I go online and sort through several sources, looking for in depth articles written by people who aren't spokespersons for the government. Here's an aside:

A few days ago at a press conference in California, the local head of FEMA had a quick press conference. He gave reporters only a few minutes notice, and for those who couldn't be there, he made a line available where they could only listen and not ask questions.

The press conference began. About four or five reporters asked questions and the press conference ended. Funny thing...ALL THE PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS WERE F.E.M.A. EMPLOYEES POSING AS REPORTERS.

julia 10/26/2007 10:09:00 PM  

My husband and I are news junkies. Up in Canada, the CBC tends to be Liberal (like the Democrats) and CTV tends to be Conservative (like the Republicans.) So at 10 we watch CBC, and at 11 we watch CTV. Sometimes its amazing the different take these two networks can give the same story.

As for my WIP, it's funny you should ask about adding mood. I'm working on that very thing! And at this Halloween time of year, I'm trying to up the spookiness quotient in my vampire novel.

spyscribbler 10/26/2007 10:53:00 PM  

Isn't that the truth, Edie? It was so refreshing! I hope you and your voice have fun, LOL! I remember the first novella I did that with. It was such a relief, and it went over really well, too.

Loreth, me too! They have such great content, not as much fluff as the CNN delivery I get. I was in the same boat as you with the mood, this morning. I think I found it today, though!

spyscribbler 10/26/2007 10:55:00 PM  

So cool, Kate. Isn't BBC awesome? I hear you about getting to the end. Hoping for that one myself, too! Good luck! I know you will.

Stewart, I should have clarified that it was BBC online. I do like listening to their accent, though, on public radio. ;-)

YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! What a crock! Ohmigosh, that is the most pitiful thing I've heard in a long time!

spyscribbler 10/26/2007 10:57:00 PM  

Julia, that would be so interesting to watch the two opposite viewpoints juxtaposed! That's cool.

Spooky and Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the whole year. Good luck!

Bernita 10/27/2007 08:46:00 AM  

At the moment, introducing psychological complexities without use of a 2x4.

spyscribbler 10/28/2007 04:18:00 PM  

Me, too, Erica!

LOL, Bernita. Psychological complexities. Sure would be nice!