Friday, October 12, 2007

The Unit, Anyone?

// call ... who here watches the Unit?

I’ve always loved the Unit, but the last episode of the last season kicked it up one helluva notch, and the first three episodes this season have been fantastic.

You know how 24 can kick up the suspense over and over? Well, The Unit is like that, except one doesn’t need to worry about laughing at credibility holes, or having to manually place one’s disbelief on a shelf.

It’s "based on" the nonfiction book, Inside the Delta Force. The Unit is an elite special forces covert unit that receives its missions from the president (who is never seen, heard, talked about, unlike 24). Not only do we get the action and suspense, but we get to follow the lives of the women they leave at home to wait, worry, and raise the kids. (Kinda sexist, but ... realistic.)

It plays Tuesday nights on CBS at 9:00 pm. Do you watch it? If you don’t, and you like 24, you just might like this better ... I’ve never laughed at The Unit, unlike 24, LOL ...

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Karen Olson 10/13/2007 10:28:00 AM  

My editor at NAL/Obsidian cut a deal for books based on The Unit. Not sure when they'll start rolling off the press, but they'll be out there at some point.

I watched a few in the first season but haven't seen any this season yet. Liked it okay; I would've rathered less home life and more soldier covert stuff.

spyscribbler 10/13/2007 10:46:00 AM  

That's so cool, Karen!

You would like the last four episodes. I don't know what happened ... either they got new writers, or their current writers suddenly kicked it up a notch. It was good before, but now it's on a whole new level. We don't have a living room, so we watch TV in bed. DH usually falls asleep, but during The Unit? We're both sitting up in bed, LOL.

StarvingWriteNow 10/13/2007 02:03:00 PM  

Sorry, but the giggling took over again. You see, in my dirty little mind, "the unit" refers to a mans...unit.

spyscribbler 10/13/2007 06:24:00 PM  

WriteNow! Hah! You just crack me up. We are going to have a BLAST at the retreat!

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