Monday, December 17, 2007

Simon Birch and "I'm sorry!"

Those Amazon reviews sure are helpful. Just today I was thinking of buying a Bic pen, and the Amazon reviews were extraordinarily helpful. After these stories, I feel confident in my choice. Hopefully I won’t need to use one for a tracheotomy.

(Courtesy of Neil Gaiman’s blog, not to be missed.)

There are so many good blogs out there. I just discovered April Henry’s LiveJournal. Very cool layout, too.

So I was thinking of John Irving and A Prayer for Owen Meany. You probably know that it was made into a movie called Simon Birch, about a growth-stunted boy who is a sort of Jesus figure. Well, you can see here what happens to Simon Birch’s best friend’s mother. And his reaction, afterwards, was such good acting, I really hoped for an Oscar for him. Sadly, he didn’t even get nominated.

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