Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Ramblings.

So have you heard of the Book version of Netflix? Paperspine is pretty much like a library, except you pay them a monthly fee and they deliver the books in the mail.

Or you could pop by the library on the way to the store. Sheesh.

And, coming next year, is the rollable E-ink reader, called Readius. Great size, and it’s really cool that it unrolls to a 5 inch screen.

Alexandra Sokoloff at the Murderati blog has another way to give: books to the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Detention Facility in Sylmar, California.

Bailey Stewart pointed us to a way to procrastinate, play a game, and help others. At, every vocabulary word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN. It’s fun, especially since I love playing with words.

The novella I’m writing for January is starting to roll, even though I’m trying to work on my spy thriller. I’m struggling with it, which is nothing new.

I realized, while reading Jane Eyre, how much my next-to-the-last novella was of that same dark, moody, passionate spirit. (Or strived to be.) I loved writing it, and now that I’m half working on the sequel, I’m just reveling in that mood.

And when I sit down to my spy story, all I can think of is how can I write this with the same mood? Should I create an alternate world? Go back in time?

I adore fiction, and spy thrillers have a tendency to try to be ... more realistic than fictictious. Can I change that? Or am I trying to write the wrong genre?

Recently, someone asked me to review a "dark, gothic thriller." Just that description made me do somersaults to say yes! Unfortunately, that ended any illusions I may have held that I could review a book. I felt badly that the voice turned me off, and worse still that I just couldn’t get myself to finish it. And most of all, I was so disappointed that I disliked it, because the description of a "dark, gothic thriller" makes my tongue water.

Well, anyway. I gotta push myself out of the box.

Somedays, I think there’s nothing harder in the world than to "know thyself."

How was your weekend?

5 bonus scribbles:

spyscribbler 12/10/2007 01:05:00 AM  

Oopsy, meant to credit Nathan Bransford for the first two bits. His blog is the cool place to be!

StarvingWriteNow 12/10/2007 07:27:00 AM  

My weekend was busy, busy. All I'm looking forward to this week is Friday!

Edie 12/10/2007 10:46:00 AM  

I've been reading Nathan Bransford's blog every day too. I actually wrote a blog yesterday quoting from his blog, but I ended up deleting it. Not because of what he said, lol. Because of the parts I wrote.

On Friday I saw Enchanted, and I loved it! (My husband was bored.) On Saturday, I went to my chapter Christmas party, and had a great time. Yesterday I slept off and on all day. I must have needed the sleep. I feel fine now.

spyscribbler 12/10/2007 11:22:00 AM  

Me, too, Writenow! Lately, I've been feeling like that's a permanent condition.

LOL, Edie. Well, your replacement blog was yummy, at least! I've been curious about Enchanted. I missed my chapter's Christmas party; my students had their holiday recitals.

I can't believe it's only Monday.

Bailey Stewart 12/10/2007 01:59:00 PM  

Since you've been by my blog, you know how my weekend was. I'm still finding ornaments that are out of whack. I just played freerice and watched Christmas movies. Oh, and the football game.