Monday, January 14, 2008

Boob Wishes!

Not that kind of boob wishes! I just stumbled across Edie’s old post on boob wishes at Magical Musings. What a fabulous idea! I love it! (How did I miss this one?) She said:

"One of the exercises she picked up from WRITE IT DOWN,
by Henriette Anne Klauser was to write
down 3 things she believed could really happen in the
next 30 days. She shared this with a loop of about 30 writers.
The book said to put the paper in her pocket, but this was
inconvenient for one of the members, who put hers in
her bra. They started calling it the Boob Wishes.

I love this! These are the wishes of your heart,
and you’re keeping them close to your heart."

Don’t you just love it? (Sorry about the centered text. I can’t get blockquotes to work in my css for the life of me! Yeah, re-hauling the layout is on my to-do list. Btw, does this layout load slowly for you?)

I need to come up with my Three Writing Boob Wishes of the month:

  1. Learn to write at home.
  2. Finish current novella.
  3. Pre-flesh out idea or characters for next novel.

Those aren’t wishes, though, are they? Or are they? Sometimes I think I’m way too practical for my own good. I’ve been trying to wish and dream more.

Okay, I wrote my three wishes on green paper for good luck, and they’re in my bra, LOL. What would your three boob wishes be? (Pretending you would wear them in your bra. Speaking of which ... would you?)

8 bonus scribbles:

StarvingWriteNow 1/15/2008 06:41:00 AM  

Three wishes:

1. Find an affordable home.
2. Make progress on my new stories.
3. Meet Natasha at Borders at least once for a spree.

PS: are you going to be there on Friday the 25th? What time do you normally get there?

PPS: No, your page doesn't load slow for me.

Bernita 1/15/2008 08:15:00 AM  

The only thing I put in my bra ( besides the girls) is money...
I once knew a woman who croched dainty little bags for her senior friends to hold extra cash safely when they went on bus tours.
Her husband called them "tit bags."

Heather Harper 1/15/2008 08:56:00 AM  

Does this mean I have to start wearing a bra?

Zoe Winters 1/15/2008 10:03:00 AM  

You know this is totally discriminatory against men! :P

Okay 3 wishes, that could really happen within the next 30 days. (semi goals, semi wishes here.)

1. Lose 5 pounds.
2. Erotic short story accepted for publication.
3. Get a job.

And yeah, I'd carry it in my bra.

Zoe Winters 1/15/2008 10:05:00 AM  

Actually, now that I think about I wouldn't. Because then I'd be obsessing if I missed a day or something and 30 days is a long time to run around with a piece of paper in your bra. I think I'll simply post them by my mirror. It'll save possible chafing.

spyscribbler 1/15/2008 02:38:00 PM  

Writenow, YES! That would be great! I'm just getting warmed up again, so I'd love that. Remind me. I'll probably be in Strongsville around ten or so. And I'll probably be there until ten or so. :-)

LOL, Bernita! I've never put money in my bra. Tit bags: I love it!

Oooh, Heather, I wish I could do without! There was a day ...

Zoe, it is, isn't it? Well, they could have jock wishes or something, but ... anyway.

Good luck on your goals!

Edie 1/15/2008 02:48:00 PM  

I think do-able wishes are goals. Here's mine.

1. Figure out what to do with my computer problems. (Fix or buy)
2. Finish wip and start new book. (Can't wait!)
3. Get pack on my healthy eating and exercising. (Occasional chocolate is permitted.)

The thing about carrying it in your bra is it reminds you and keeps you on track.

Zoe Winters 1/16/2008 10:29:00 AM  

edie, it might make you feel good to know that dark chocolate that is 60% or higher is pretty much considered a health food because of the antioxidants, just don't drink milk with it (something about the way the enzymes work together, you lose the health benefits) And watch the calories on it...but as far as it being a junk food? not dark chocolate.

Ghiradelli makes a fabulous 60% dark chocolate. As well as a 70% dark chocolate with espresso beans in it.