Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If You Want To Get Something Done ...

... Ask a Busy Person.

This has been my comfort every time I add something to my schedule I fear will take away from something else.

Also, my motto of the year is to live life slow and do one thing at a time. LOL. I am way too comfortable with holding contrasting and competing ideas. I’m a Libra.

Last night I was going through my task list and realized, finally, that I could go to Borders and write!!!! What a relief! And I think I can resume my normal writing schedule now, plus add the volunteer stuff I wanted to add to the roster this year. Considering I’m writing for real again (I’ve been doing my minimum 100 words every night in sheer desperation, but that’s it), I will hopefully be talking about writing here again.

I have a goal to sit down in my living room with my cup of golden milk (I use almond milk instead of real milk) and READ for an hour or more every night before bed. And relax.

Reading and watching stories on TV or at the movies probably ranks as one of the most important things to my development as a writer, so why do I have such trouble finding the time?

There’s all sorts of "clubs" out there, like the read 50 books a year challenge, and I think West of Mars has one for 100 books. Lauren Baratz-Logsted once set herself a goal of reading 365 books in a year (I’m so jealous!), although I never saw her mention whether she achieved it or not. (That would be pure heaven!)

Reading is declining, we’ve all worried and fretted about that. But here are the ramifications, and they don’t look pretty. (Thanks to Buzz, Balls, & Hype.)

So I want to add more volunteering and more reading to my schedule. All while slowing my life down. *sigh*

Where do you find time to read? (What a pitiful question!)

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StarvingWriteNow 1/15/2008 08:31:00 PM  

In order for me to read, I purposely don't do other things. I mean, this world is full of crap clamoring for your attention. You can't do it all. I don't want to. Reading is a priority for me. It's something I need to do, like writing, but even more so.

Anonymous,  1/15/2008 09:50:00 PM  

I love to read, too, and never read as much as I'd like to. Honestly, I think it's because I enjoy it, so I always feel like there's something more urgent and important to do, instead of enjoying myself. It's not good. Lately I, like you, have been trying to go to bed in time to read a little extra each evening. It's delightful.

Michele 1/15/2008 10:49:00 PM  

Oooh, almond milk sounds yummy. I'm going to have try that!

I have to make time to read, too. To make it a priority. And I don't do it nearly as often I want to, unfortunately. Which means...every time I finish a book, I vow to read more often (I'm a slow reader as well, and that doesn't help my cause any either).

Erica Orloff 1/16/2008 08:23:00 AM  

Mornin' Spy,

I usually have four or five books going at once. I read every time there is the temptation to waste time; i.e., with a book in my purse, I will read in the doctor's waiting room, the five minutes I have to wait to pick up my kid at school, whatever. Then at night, I have a few books at my bedside. Right now I am reading the biography of Robert Oppenheimer that won the Pulitzer, and some Buddhist texts, and one prayer book.

Time management, for me with four kids and a f/t writing career, is cutting out the crap--bad TV, bad movies, the "ought to" obligations I don't want to do, socializing that isn't meaningful. I would no more spend two hours at a cocktail party for "networking" reasons than stab my hand with a fork. But I will devote hours and hours to my meaningful friendships. I don't know. I cut the stuff that isn't soulful and somehow I find time to read.


Zoe Winters 1/16/2008 10:30:00 AM  

Right now I don't have a job so I have vast acres of time to divide up. Usually sometime after Yoga, I run a hot bath and soak in the tub and read then.

Zoe Winters 1/16/2008 10:31:00 AM  

Oh, I used to walk around an indoor track at the gym and read while doing that. I have the magical ability to read and walk at the same time. hehe.

Edie 1/16/2008 10:50:00 AM  

I can see me trying to read and walk around the gym track. I'd most likely walk straight into the wall.

My reading is way down, and I hate it. I used to read a book a night when I wasn't writing. Now when I have a few hours off, I'm more likely to watch something on TV. Part of it is because I'm pickier now. I notice when the writing isn't as good. And too many books are similar to what I've read before. I want surprises!

I read three books last week and I'm reading two now. I have to write a review for Magical on Sunday, and I'll probably do it on one I read last week. It's an older book, but the first time I read it.

spyscribbler 1/16/2008 04:12:00 PM  

So true, Writenow. It's a priority for me, too, but sometimes I think Booklady hit the nail on the head: it feels like something I enjoy, so I feel guilty not working, LOL!

Michele, I love almond milk. Healthier than soy milk, and it's more milky than rice milk. It works in pudding and stuff, too, because it's thick enough.

Avery DeBow 1/16/2008 04:29:00 PM  

I read during my self-appointed lunch break and usually again before bed. Sometimes, if the book is really good, I'll blow off many other things to read (the Harry Potter books were always blank checks to forget everything not related to basic survival). I haven't been very good about keeping up with my pile lately, but the never-ending writer's strike has inspired me to shut off the tube and feed my brain. Not to mention, I got a huge Borders gift card for Christmas, so I've got more books to buy!

spyscribbler 1/16/2008 04:54:00 PM  

Morning, Erica! I almost said, ME TOO!, but then along with my one-thing-at-a-time resolution comes one book at a time. (Okay, oKAY, I'm reading two, but I'm almost there!)

Cutting the stuff that isn't soulful is brilliant! I love that.

spyscribbler 1/16/2008 04:59:00 PM  

Zoe, I really wish I could read and walk at the same time! I used to read and sit in the hot tub at the same time, but my workouts started consisting of sitting in the hot tub and no swimming, LOL!

Edie, I feel the same way. I wish I read more. I'm having a problem with pickiness, lately, too. (I'm just about to complain ... er ... blog about it.)

spyscribbler 1/16/2008 05:01:00 PM  

Avery, Harry Potter is definitely a blank check! I love books that make me do that.

And, like you, my TV has been off for almost a week now. There's nothing on!

Ello 1/16/2008 05:31:00 PM  

Oh it is so hard to find time to read!! I totally agree. I snatch moments here and there whenever I can. But my research book reading is required reading so I have to find time for it.

spyscribbler 1/16/2008 05:52:00 PM  

Ello, I hear you! It's terrible.

Zoe Winters 1/16/2008 08:22:00 PM  


Reading is a workout for your eyeballs. You can never work out your eyeballs enough...we even worked out our eyeballs in bellydance.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted 1/19/2008 01:40:00 PM  

I did succeed in my 365-books-in-a-year goal. In fact, I'm so compulsive, I'm still doing it!