Monday, January 07, 2008

Onward and Upward.

I’m in the middle of a volunteer project that got out of hand. It’s sucking my time like you wouldn’t believe. To make a long story short, I’m typing in a bunch of recommendation letters and application forms into a web survey. You wouldn’t believe how many adjectives and adverbs are in those types of letters! I want to throw up!

And have you ever noticed that whenever someone uses the word "renowned," you’ve never heard of the renowned person? I mean, if they were truly renowned, then you would have heard of them, and they wouldn’t need to describe them as renowned.

Oh well.

I dreamed a scene as I was waking up, and it was good: the beginning of a novel. What bothers me is I can never seem to have those dreams of scenes that jumpstart a book for something real name could write; they’re all only for pseudonym’s stories. This bothers me on so many levels I can’t even tell you. I love my little niche, but it’s not NY material.

I’ve always said that if you keep throwing energy in a certain direction, things start happening in that direction. So I’ll just trust that I’ll find that passion for some NY niche. I hope.

Oh well.

There was no mail today. If you’re self-employed, you’ll understand why I’m going to say again, "Oh well."

To end on a good note, DH left five messages on our voice mail. One to play to each cat every night (Dixie Doodle, especially, gets really depressed when Daddy’s gone. She handles it better if she hears his voice every day.), and one for me. :-)

Onward and upward.

How’s your week shaping up? And you all write NY-directed stories. Do you feel that gripping passion for stories right off? Or is it a gradual seduction?

11 bonus scribbles:

Erica Orloff 1/07/2008 01:30:00 PM  

I only write for NY, so I don't know how I would feel if I only wrote for a niche. I mean . . . is that a BAD thing? Writing WELL for a niche? Is there some way to bridge your niche to NY? I.e., can you aim for erotic fiction for a NY publisher? Or take an element of it and then expand it (i.e., and this may be off the wall, but it you wrote about a dominatrix, for example, could she solve crimes? Wouldn't that be VERY different and yet work for NY the way MJ Rose's sex therapist books work for NY?).

Just thinking aloud. I don't know your psuedonym, so I'm only guessin' here.

Zoe Winters 1/07/2008 01:31:00 PM  

hehehe. Oh gawd, Buffy quote time:

Buffy: "How do you get to be renowned? Do you have to be nowned first?"
Willow: "Yes, first there is the painful nowning process.

It's a sickness. I should seek therapy.

Zoe Winters 1/07/2008 01:34:00 PM  

hahaha Erica @ "a dominatrix that solves crimes" we need some more of that type of thing!

Another option is to go "erotic thriller" That could be more mainstream. And St. Martin's Press publishes things like that. "Topping from the Bottom" by: Laura Reese comes to mind.

Edie 1/07/2008 04:59:00 PM  

I'm with Erica. There are a lot of erotic or very hot single title books published by NY. Berkley has them too.

LOL at Zoe's Buffy quote. A good one.

I feel an eagerness to write my next one. As soon as I thought of it, I wanted to write it. My wip, I put together in bits and pieces to get a book I wanted to write.

Anissa 1/07/2008 07:22:00 PM  

A message for each of you? That's incredibly sweet. :)

spyscribbler 1/07/2008 07:44:00 PM  

Erica, excellent things to think about. I've been trying. And, hah! Can I use the dominatrix idea? Love it! And I love MJ Rose's sex therapist books.

LOL, Zoe. You and Buffy! But that quote is PRICELESS!

Erotic thriller is something I've thought about a lot, but I really am not familiar with the genre. (Didn't really know it existed except in movies.) I am going to check out Laura Reese. THANK YOU!

spyscribbler 1/07/2008 07:46:00 PM  

This is true, Edie. And you know what? There was just a big sale to Penguin of an erotica novel that was somewhere close. Okay, I gotta think about it. I think I got tripped up by I want my REAL NAME on a book, something I could feel comfortable waving at everyone.

But that's all ego. That's stupid.

spyscribbler 1/07/2008 07:47:00 PM  

Anissa, he can be very romantic at times. :-)

Zoe Winters 1/08/2008 08:24:00 AM  

hehehe Spy,

Yes, it's a sickness, I understand I need help. It comes in waves and I'm in the middle of a fangirl wave. I wanted Spike and Buffy together back when he was trying to kill her.

I've written an erotic thriller, don't know if I'll try to get it published as Zoe Winters when I finish it or not. I know I can't podcast it (not cause it's not allowed, cause I can't read that out loud, it would be too much like pod-porn)

Erica Orloff 1/08/2008 10:57:00 AM  

Use the dominatrix idea. I actually have an erotic thriller in mind using a callgirl One of these days . . . . (I got the idea because when I was young, I went to the Bahamas and was mistaken twice for a callgirl who used to pose for Penthouse . . . guess she was my doppelganger--this was WAY before four kids--anyhoo, I thought that would be a cool basis for a book).

spyscribbler 1/08/2008 11:05:00 AM  

LOL, thanks! Well, I was once going to go with the sexpionage bit, but I never found a story that excited me. Hopefully something will grab me soon!