Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Pleasures

Last night, DH called and sounded healthy. I wasn’t expecting him to call because it’s wildly expensive from the boondocks of Alaska, and it was a real treat. The sound of his voice gives me so much happiness.

Then this morning I woke up to four cats all cuddled with me. In the world of my priorities, that’s a reason to spend an extra hour in bed. They make my heart warm.

Then I went writing. It wasn’t a particularly flow day or anything, but it was a regular day where I wrote all morning. Since I’ve been running around like a confused chicken with my head cut off since DH left, it was nice to finally sit and write.

Then I got home, and three postcards and a card came in the mail from DH.

(Then, of course, since DH is gone, the computer broke. *sigh* Now I have to call the warranty company and this is not a good thing. *double sigh* Then no one had their theory done. I love sitting in lessons and saying, "What do the directions say?" and "Good, now go do that." and "Then what do the directions say?" and "Look it up." *growl* I should just make a recording of it so they can just press play at home.)

But let’s stay focused on the morning.

What were your small pleasures today?

8 bonus scribbles:

Erica Orloff 1/22/2008 07:53:00 PM  

I learned something new. One of my New Year's Resolutions!

I took an all-day watercolor and collage class . . . and made a BEAUTIFUL collage that I am going to mat and frame. I had so much fun being creative but something other than writing. Loved it!

Susan Helene Gottfried 1/22/2008 10:06:00 PM  

This should show you how my day went: my best pleasure was getting an e-mail from a woman I do volunteer work and hearing she had a bunch of stuff under control.

While I'd be pleased ordinarily, today it was huge.

spyscribbler 1/23/2008 12:08:00 AM  

Oh, Erica, that sounds like SO much fun! I've always wanted to do a collage of one of my novels. But I guess I haven't wanted it enough, LOL. Maybe you'll post a picture on your blog?

Oh, Susan, that does not sound like a good day. But at least there was that.

I hope tomorrow is better!

StarvingWriteNow 1/23/2008 08:27:00 AM  

Well, I did some blogging, and a little writing, and my kitties and dog and Son love me. It is definitely something to be grateful for.

Edie 1/23/2008 10:36:00 AM  

I felt a small pleasure just reading your blog. And reading Erica's comment. :)

Like Susan, I'm doing something with another person on a volunteer basis. She's a terrific person, but is better at planning than doing. There's a part that she can do easily and would be a hassle for me. We IM'd this morning and she's finally making arrangements to do it. So that makes me happy.

Zoe Winters 1/23/2008 11:29:00 AM  

heh haven't had any yet. Just woke up a little while ago, although I know that's a small pleasure in itself. I'm really dreading having to get a job.

spyscribbler 1/23/2008 02:22:00 PM  

Writenow, awww, those are good things! Are we still on for Friday? I need to get myself moving! I'm going to try to be there at 9. Or 10. At the latest, by 11. :-)

Edie, LOL, thanks! And, btw, I read your blog on Sunday (I've been reading in my bathtub on my palm pilot, so I haven't been commenting as much), and please don't worry about writing a happy blog. You do it by accident. :-) It's just who you are.

LOL, Zoe. I slept in myself. And got depressed because I ran out of time to go writing where I most love to go writing. Stupid of me!

Barrie 1/23/2008 02:59:00 PM  

Found a camera I thought I'd lost. Got a really nice email from someone. Did some decent writing. Got to watch a video with my teen and his buddies. Now that I've typed all that, I can see I had an excellent day. :)

Good luck with the computer woes!