Saturday, March 08, 2008

What's Your Blizzard Fantasy?

I tried to go to Borders to write this morning. Okay, you probably think I'm crazy, but you have to understand. The weathermen always say it's going to be terrible, and they're almost always wrong.

So when I woke up this morning, and saw that it had stopped snowing and the sun was out, and my driveway was plowed (thank God), I shoveled a path to my car and took off to write.

But twenty minutes later, it was snowing. I was halfway there, too far to turn back, and so I went to the fireplace Borders.

An hour after I got there, they closed.

Everything closed.

Except two movie theaters. I holed up there and watched 10,000 B.C. (pretty good), Fool's Gold (better than I thought it would be; very entertaining), and The Other Boleyn Girl again (cried, yet again).

I didn't want to go home. You have to understand, the last blizzard Ohio had, my dad's friends were stuck at our house. So we basically had a four day party. I remember poker and my mother cooking. That's it. It was a blast!

But DH is not here. What fun is being snowed in all by yourself? I'd go nuts! When we met and dated (2,368 miles long distance), I used to dream of him being here while we were snowed inside for days on end. It's a fantasy I have, of us cuddling under a blanket on the couch, watching movies all day.

It isn't my fantasy to be stuck in my house alone, LOL. So I went to the movies.

Okay, what about you? What's your blizzard fantasy? A four day party? A fireplace and your loved one? A day of movies? A day in bed? A mixture of it all?

11 bonus scribbles:

Susan Helene Gottfried 3/08/2008 10:12:00 PM  

I'm actually home alone today and I loved being snowed in. Me and the cats. Oh, the serenity was amazing.

Bernita 3/09/2008 08:20:00 AM  

Having endured the ice storm of '98 and five and one half days without power, I can say I don't have fantasies, merely fear.

lainey bancroft 3/09/2008 09:19:00 AM  

The family and fireplace--four day party--family and fireplace...either works for me. =)

The last time we were without power, it did turn into a party because we have a fireplace and a gas stove, so we had a bunch of neighbors camped out for a candlelight pasta night. It was fun, but I'm glad it didn't run into four days. :0

But I agree Spy, snowed in by yourself would feel so...isolated. (((Big Hugs)))

spyscribbler 3/09/2008 11:52:00 AM  

That sounds lovely, Susan! Sometimes being home alone is a luxury. When my cats cuddle around me, I'm not moving. It's like one of the best gifts in the whole world!

spyscribbler 3/09/2008 11:53:00 AM  

Bernita, yikes! That is scary! Last time we had a lengthy power outage, I had a fireplace. I'm not so lucky now. I don't know what I'd do!

spyscribbler 3/09/2008 11:54:00 AM  

Lainey, it would be hard to decide! A fireplace sounds lovely. I miss my fireplace, that's for sure. And a candlelight pasta night sounds fun! Add some poker, and that's just perfection.

Erica Orloff 3/09/2008 02:38:00 PM  

My fantasy is I am here in the house ALONE in a blizzard and all the CHILDREN are visiting my MOTHER in FLORIDA and I get to sleep ALL DAY LONG, watch movies and drink hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps in it all NIGHT long, and then SLEEP ALL DAY LONG the next day. Like 40 out of 48 hours sleeping.

Edie 3/09/2008 06:53:00 PM  

We've had a lot of snow days this year -- and I got a lot of writing done this year. As long as I had enough food, for people and cats, I didn't mind. My husband got antsy at one point, but not me. I was on the home stretch of my book. :)

My dog misses her walks this. This is her worst winter. :(

K. S. Elkins 3/09/2008 06:59:00 PM  

No phone. No internet. No TV. Just a low burning fireplace, the cats, hubby and me.

We'd read, cuddle, eat, and sleep, then repeat. 48 hours at least.

Unfortunately, it rarely snows in lower Alabama. Sigh....

spyscribbler 3/10/2008 07:24:00 PM  

Oh, Erica, nice. Right now I feel like I could sleep for days. But I can't even sleep in one morning, these days, I feel so guilty.

Edie, it sure has been a winter of snow! If you've got the essentials, then you're good.

K.S., that sounds perfect! I need to get away from the internet more than I do, certainly! I so miss my fireplace.

Zoe Winters 3/11/2008 11:13:00 AM  

Locked away in a cabin with a hot vampire. Hey, it's fantasy, so it doesn't have to be realistic.