Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crying On Stage

So two more days until guild auditions, which is when my students play everything in their memory bag plus scales, cadences, and arpeggios. This is gray-hair time for me.

Also at this time of year, I start to look at their progress through the eyes of what will the guild judge think? And it's kind of nice to realize that, wow, they've made some great progress this year.

Which always leads to the recital in May. At the award ceremony, I always cry up on stage, in the middle of handing out the awards.

It's because I'm so proud of the hard work they've done. But I dread this all year, because we're talking choked up, can't talk kind of crying.

And when you can't talk, it makes it difficult to give out the rest of the awards properly.

So I don't know. DH wants me to play a piece, which means I have to practice piano (a piece for me as opposed to practicing their pieces).  I would prefer to practice my speech, so I don't start crying.

I'm not a good speaker, but it doesn't bother me. Being onstage is more comfortable for me than being in the bathtub.  It feels like home up there. I just don't want to cry.

Any tips on not crying?

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Melanie Avila 4/30/2008 01:36:00 PM  

Maybe keep practicing so it won't be quite as emotional. Seems like the more familiar you are the less likely it'll get you all choked up. Or at the very least you won't be as nervous.

Good luck! ( (hugs))

StarvingWriteNow 4/30/2008 04:20:00 PM  

You're preaching to the choir; the older I get the more weepy I get over every stupid thing.

Laughing about myself crying helps dry up the waterworks sometimes. Or you could try having a major weep fest right beforehand so you'll be so worn out from it you won't have the strength to cry.

Just make sure you do your recital piece BEFORE the awards thingy or you won't be able to play either!

Have fun!

conley730 4/30/2008 04:29:00 PM  

Practice makes perfect! I agree with Melanie. The more you say it in practice, the less emotional it will be when it comes time to do it for real.

spyscribbler 5/01/2008 01:18:00 AM  

That sounds good, Melanie. It's a tough call. I just want to be able to control it, so I'm not blubbering and botching a student's award!

spyscribbler 5/01/2008 01:19:00 AM  

Yeah, I know what you mean, Writenow! LOLOL ... I don't think I'll be playing this year. I don't know. Some have asked, but ... there's so much to do for them! And I'm nervous enough about the talking and the crying, adding the playing is just a whole 'nother ballgame.

spyscribbler 5/01/2008 01:21:00 AM  

Conley, you're right! I'm also a little afraid that if I take away some of that emotion, then I won't be letting my students know how much I'm proud of them.

You know what?

It comes down to the cry-pretty thing. I wish I could talk and look pretty while crying, like actresses do. I've always wanted to be able to cry pretty.

Melanie Avila 5/01/2008 01:06:00 PM  

LOL. I look AWFUL when I cry! The trick is not to touch your eyes - that's what makes them get red & puffy. (at least in my experience)

Edie 5/01/2008 01:55:00 PM  

You're an emotional girl. I like that. If you're watching American Idol, you saw Brooke cry last night when she was voted off. She did it so well, I actual liked it and was touched by her emotion. And her eyes didn't get red and puffy either.

I have no advice. Melanie's sounds good.:)