Sunday, April 27, 2008

Favorite Quotes?

So I set up Google Desktop on my computer, and it has this add-on called The Quotes. It cycles through a bunch of quotes, and I happen to love quotes.

The pre-installed quotes are pretty cool, but I'm making my own custom file of quotes, with Rumi and the like (any spiritual/philosophical poetry grabs me), with more writing ones, too.

So will you help me? What are some of your favorite quotes?

Here's one that just makes me laugh:

"Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put." ~Sir Winston Churchill.

20 bonus scribbles:

R.J. Keller 4/27/2008 02:24:00 PM  

"Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers."

William Wordsworth, The World is Too Much With Us

Stewart Sternberg 4/27/2008 02:39:00 PM  

"It's not the heat, it's the humanity"....Brigadoon.

Many of my favorite quotes comes from film. It reflects the fact that I am a film lover and used to work as a film critic. My quotes do little to elevate humanity, but on the other hand, they conjure memories and bring smiles.

Here's another one: "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."--Woody Allen.


"I was thrown out of there during my freshman year, for cheating on my metaphysics final. You know, I looked within the soul of the boy sitting next to me."--Woody Allen

Michelle Lauren 4/27/2008 03:23:00 PM  

Hey Spy,

I just got back in the country from my Ireland trip. Thanks so much for posting on my blog. Yeah, I know it's confusing. Sorry! My main site, with updates on my projects, is My blog, where I post my gripes and pictures and stuff is You can post stuff to my at the Blogspot one. I just updated with a slideshow of pictures from my trip. If you want to check it out, here is the link: Link to the post

Warm regards,

Michelle Lauren
BTW-- I love Shakespeare's quote "For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright,: Who art as black as hell, as dark as night."

conley730 4/27/2008 04:07:00 PM  

That's one of my favorite quotes, Spy. Sorry...don't have any more to add.

Zoe Winters 4/27/2008 04:25:00 PM  

LMAO! I sincerely hope he was being funny. If so, he kicked ass.

Edie 4/27/2008 08:38:00 PM  

Here are 2 that no one else will give you, because they're from writer friends:

"I have learned to kick guilt in its ass and keep going." - Karin Tabke

"Dig until you hit rock. Then take out that jackhammer and go a little deeper." - Allison Brennan, on writing.

StarvingWriteNow 4/28/2008 11:49:00 AM  

"You look like the vermin-ridden son of a bitch you are." --John Wayne

Mark Terry 4/28/2008 12:58:00 PM  


"I still see stories as a great thing, something which not only enhances lives but actually saves them." --Stephen King

"I'm growing older, not up." --Jimmy Buffett

"We work in the dark. We do what we can--we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art."
--Henry James

"Success is a journey not a destination."--Anonymous

"That sucks dead bears."--Leanne Terry

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."--Groucho Marx (I think)

Travis Erwin 4/28/2008 02:45:00 PM  

I'm a quote junkie as well.

Avery DeBow 4/28/2008 11:34:00 PM  

"If you are in tune with the Way, then things work out the way they need to, no matter what you may think of them at the time." Lao Tse.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:38:00 PM  

R.J.: There is SO much truth in that statement. I've been thinking along those lines, lately.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:38:00 PM  

Stewart, I love that last one! Woody Allen has a gift for those zingers, for sure! Kinda reminds me of Oscar Wilde, in that way.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:44:00 PM  

Michelle, I hope you had a wonderful trip! The pictures are awesome!

And that's a fabulous quote. I might have to use that in my WIP. It's perfect!

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:45:00 PM  

Conley, I can never think of any when people ask for them. Drives me nuts! Just like when people ask me about books. As many as I read, I forget all of them the instant someone wants me to tell them about one.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:46:00 PM  

Zoe, he had wit, that's for sure! He's a fascinating man, definitely.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:47:00 PM  

Edie, those are GREAT quotes! Now I'll feel special, like I'm the only one in the world with them on my desktop!

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:47:00 PM  

Writenow, that's a great one! I can't recall a single John Wayne quote at the moment, but thanks to DH, I can speak along with entire movies. It's insane!

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:50:00 PM  

Thanks, Mark! I especially like the Stephen King one.

It's funny, I went to a conference (piano teaching) last weekend, and she had a similar passion. Evanovich has said something similar. I believe it, too, of all the arts. Pablo Casals and Suzuki (the rote music guy) said it of music.

I believe there's something to it.

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:50:00 PM  

Travis, I can't get enough of them, but I hate that I can never recall them! I lose more than I collect!

spyscribbler 4/28/2008 11:51:00 PM  

Avery, wow. That's EXACTLY the kind of quote I love. Very cool!