Saturday, April 05, 2008


He's coming home! He'll be here tomorrow night.

Between reconnecting with him, getting my taxes done, getting a big scheduling thing for my studio, and getting a mailing out, I can't let myself spend time blogging next week.

I mean it this time. No internet for me!

Just one week, though. I'll miss you guys.

Will you still remember me in a week?

16 bonus scribbles:

Bernita 4/05/2008 06:12:00 PM  

Will you remember us?
Lovely he'll soon be home.

Anonymous,  4/05/2008 06:36:00 PM  

Yay! Of course we'll miss you...but, we'll distract ourselves by thinking about the home coming party...or maybe that's just me? =0

Welcome home, DH!

(it's me, Lainey! new laptop doesn't know my blogger sh*t. YET!)

Edie 4/06/2008 10:50:00 AM  

I'll remember you. I know you'll be having a wonderful time with DH. A homecoming party week. :)

Christa M. Miller 4/06/2008 11:08:00 AM  

That's awesome hon! I'll miss you but will be patient. I know how it is to miss your husband!

J.K. Mahal 4/06/2008 12:09:00 PM  

Absolutely, we will. Have a wonderful week and see you after.

Erica Orloff 4/06/2008 01:46:00 PM  

MISS YA! But have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Harper 4/06/2008 02:13:00 PM  

I'm very excited for you! Have a great blog break. :-)

Travis Erwin 4/06/2008 03:26:00 PM  

Enjoy your time away, but you better be here next week, got it?

Aimless Writer 4/06/2008 08:23:00 PM  

Yay Spy!
Go have fun with your hubby. We'll be here when you get back.

Kate S 4/06/2008 11:34:00 PM  

Aw, I'm happy for you. I think Bernita asked the right question. :)

Melanie Avila 4/07/2008 10:25:00 AM  

Yay! Have a wonderful week reconnecting & emptying your head of all things internet. We'll be here when you come back :)

Avery 4/07/2008 03:25:00 PM  

Congratulations! Go spend some happy time with your honey.

Zoe Winters 4/07/2008 11:42:00 PM  

Nope. We'll completely forget who you are. We'll look around and go "Spy? Spy who? Is this some kind of game? You mean like I Spy?" :P

How exactly does one spy a missing blogger? It could be a koan.

lainey bancroft 4/08/2008 08:25:00 AM  

Gee, I wonder what Spy's doing? =)

spyscribbler 4/09/2008 05:04:00 PM  

Of course I'll remember you guys, Bernita!

LOL, Lainey. I'm so jealous of your new laptop!

Thanks, Edie. We're going to have awesome weekend.

Christa, I empathize.

Thanks, J.K.

Erica, I am!

Thank you, Heather!

I will, Travis. I can't seem to stay away!

Thanks, Aimless! It's been helpful knowing someone like you understands!

Oh, no, Kate! I miss you guys!

Stephen! You're terrible! And I'm still waiting for the promised spy post!

Thanks, Melanie! I have to go see what's up with you. Your whole life could be completely different by next week!

Thanks, Avery!

ROFLMAO, Zoe! You're too much. I kind of like the idea of being a koan. I think.

LOL, Lainey. I'm buckling! I can't stay away!