Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Do you ever just get completely tired of hearing yourself think?

I miss DH. This is the hardest part, because I haven't talked to him in a week, and probably won't be able to until Thursday or longer. *sigh*

And during this quiet period, I've spent FIVE HOURS on the phone. Most of you understand what that means. For those who missed it, I have probably spent five hours on the phone ... in the past two years?

I locked myself out of the house today, which is a common occurrence when DH is gone, but I hadn't unlocked the windows (I normally break in the house by climbing over the top window), because he's gone, and I've been feeling all alone at home in the dark., so all the windows are locked

A really hot cop came to unlock my car. (In my wisdom, I put the other set of keys in my car in case I locked myself out of the house. Except I didn't think through the whole no-keys-means-can't-get-into-the-car-either part.)

The hot cop was worth it. :-)

Anyway, got tired of hearing myself think (what did I do when I was single???), so I went to a movie.


Man, I love Narnia. I love Prince Caspian. Are they planning on making another movie? I hope so.

I'm completely impressed with these Narnia movies.

How about you? See any good movies lately? How was your weekend? Your writing? Your life? Your pets? Say something, please... I am so tired of hearing myself think.

Oh, I said that already.

I think the silence is driving me mad ...

Addendum, 4:53 am: He's there!

Oh, yay.

I feel like a pitiful teenager.

But who cares. I'm happy. :-)

Here I thought I couldn't bear it any longer and it was only a couple hours! I feel a little silly, actually.

Thanks for listening, anyway. :-)

13 bonus scribbles:

Stephen Parrish 6/10/2008 02:59:00 AM  

Find out when Hot Cop is on duty. When he is, decide you imagine someone trying to break into the house. You don't have to lie; just wonder if maybe the wind in the trees sounds exactly like a crowbar smashing window glass, or something equally plausible. When Hot Cop arrives in response to your frantic call, greet him at the door wearing only . . .

All right, not something you would do. Fine. Go watch Narnia again. I'm sure you'll have just as much fun.

spyscribbler 6/10/2008 04:55:00 AM  

Well, I don't know, Stephen. The fantasizing of that scenario is much more fun than Narnia. :-) It might even get me off my Ranger crush.

Edie 6/10/2008 10:30:00 AM  

I like Stephen's idea. :)

Glad he's there -- I'm guessing you mean DH and not HC. And on the phone and not in person.

I saw two good movies lately: the new Indiana Jones and Sex in the City. They were both great.

lainey bancroft 6/10/2008 10:42:00 AM  

Aw, I want the rest of the story. Tell us what you think she'd be wearing, Stephen???

Glad you heard from DH and are feeling better, Spy. I think you should try your hand at fan fic. Write a torrid romance starring either you or psuedo you and Ranger. =)

conley730 6/10/2008 12:33:00 PM  

Yes, Stephen, we want more!

I'm making a mental note to lock myself out of the house. I'll probably get a totally NOT hot cop though. I watched Peter Pan last night with the kids LOL. Does that count? We also got a new dog over the weekend. Now I have to figure out how to contain her while I'm at work. Yesterday she got a corner of the carpet up and chewed up the padding under it!

Melanie Avila 6/10/2008 02:14:00 PM  

We got cable after a year of no TV for the same reason - I was driving myself batty!

spyscribbler 6/10/2008 06:30:00 PM  

Oh, Edie! I really want to see the Sex and the City movie! Good to know it wasn't disappointing.

Mr. Big. *dreamy sigh* He's up there with Ranger. :-)

spyscribbler 6/10/2008 06:31:00 PM  

Lainey, I think ALL my fic in the last year has been Ranger disguised as my heroes. :-)

Man, have I got a crush on that man. :-)

spyscribbler 6/10/2008 06:31:00 PM  

I love the adventures with the new dog, Conley! You are such a sucker. ;-) I cracked up when you went to get one!

(I woulda done the same thing!)

spyscribbler 6/10/2008 06:32:00 PM  

Melanie, that might be my problem! I've had the cable off since DH left. Well, nothing's on. And I don't like tv. I'm calling to cancel in a week or two.

Edie 6/10/2008 07:19:00 PM  

Spy, both my friend and I thought SITC was great. Before we went, I'd heard from someone who loved and and from someone who disliked it. My friend and I went in knowing the four women were a little shallow and we weren't going to let it bother us. But beneath their shoe fetishes and designer clothes, they have the same problems as people who buy their shoes at Payless.

Robin 6/10/2008 09:40:00 PM  

Hi spy scribbler! I'm new to your blog, but I really enjoyed it. I think you've got yourself a new fan. I'm looking forward to the story of you and DH...
I just saw Blame it on the Zohan. I'm not a major Adam Sandler fan, but I thought it was one of the funniest movies ever.

Melanie Avila 6/12/2008 01:25:00 PM  

I cannot wait to see SITC. Not sure how long I'll have to wait down here...