Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Blogs, A Funny, and An Inspiring Speech

Today I just want to share two blogs you might not know, but I hope you'll try. The first is Melanie Avila's blog, What Am I Doing In Mexico?

The first book she wrote was a memoir. I can see why. She has adventures every day, and she shares her stories well. She makes me want her life, scary adventures and all! I enjoy learning what it's like to live in Mexico with her every day. And she's a super nice person. She's one of those people who are just good as gold all the way through, inside and out. (She's got pretty feet, too.)

The second blog I want to share is Any One Thing. I know nothing about him. I don't know where I discovered him. But I always sit back and slow my reading pace down when his posts pop up in my feed reader. His poetry makes me see things in an interesting way. Plus it's awesome.

Next, I want to share a laugh (thanks to Mark Terry!). This article, No Members of Congress Left Behind, suggests, in a humorous fashion, mental tests for politicians. The funniest part for me (Ohmigawd, this is still cracking me up!):

"I was at a conference that a member of the powerful
House Commerce Committee attended by
teleconference. As he recited from a prepared
statement, he included the stage instructions—
such as “Pause for emphasis”—that had been
inserted by his speechwriter. And where one
line had been inadvertently duplicated, he read
it a second time. Carelessness? Stupidity? Senility?
Don’t voters have a right to know?"

And finally, I want to leave you with J.K. Rowling's Commencement Speech at Harvard.

Her words on failure were true and awesome. Motivating, inspiring. And they made me cry. :-)

14 bonus scribbles:

Heather Harper 6/16/2008 11:27:00 PM  

What an incredibly moving speech. Thank you so much for sharing, Spy. Made me cry, too. :-)

Edie 6/17/2008 12:39:00 AM  

Thanks for posting the JK Rowling speech. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Besides being a great writer, she's a great person.

Aimless Writer 6/17/2008 08:24:00 AM  

Wow, inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. She's an amazing woman.

spyscribbler 6/17/2008 10:06:00 AM  

Heather, it made me cry, too. :-) I just love the bit about failure, and the way she talked about imagination? That was perfect.

spyscribbler 6/17/2008 10:07:00 AM  

Edie, I'm so grateful I heard about it and found it on YouTube! Thank goodness someone recorded it.

My respect for her increased upon hearing it, that's for sure.

spyscribbler 6/17/2008 10:08:00 AM  

Definitely, Aimless! I'm going to go listen to it again. :-)

Melanie Avila 6/17/2008 02:04:00 PM  

Aww, Spy, you are too nice! Your blog is the one I look forward to every day.

It's funny, I started my blog because almost every day something happened that made us say "That's going in the book!" and I realized that unless I wanted a 200k word MS, I needed another outlet. ;)

I'm going to watch the video now...

Travis Erwin 6/17/2008 02:55:00 PM  

Thanks for sharing. Great stuff.

Robin 6/17/2008 06:07:00 PM  

Wow. That is one amazing woman. I didn't cry, but I sent in an application for the Peace Corps. My kids are bummed.

mom2brie 6/17/2008 10:09:00 PM  

Yeah, I really enjoyed Jo's speech too. If you haven't heard her interview on Pottercast, I think you'd enjoy it. One of the parts that I liked the best was her emphasizing the responsibility of Americans (and specifically Harvard graduates) and how our decisions (especially political ones) effect so many people around the world. Very true, and a huge incentive to educate yourself.

spyscribbler 6/18/2008 08:40:00 PM  

That's so cool, Melanie! Honestly, I can see why!

spyscribbler 6/18/2008 08:42:00 PM  

Sure, Travis!

ROFL, Robin! That's funny. :-)

Mom2brie, I liked that part, too. I also liked the part about using your imagination to understand someone else's experience. Compassion is a powerful thing.

Stewart Sternberg 6/21/2008 09:17:00 AM  

I have often suspected there is more to JK Rowling than has met the eye. Thanks. This summer I will be reading a book called "THE WORLD OF HARRY POTTER", multidisciplinary critical perspectives. I'm not thrilled, it's for a class on childrens' literacy. I'm afraid I'm back in school.

spyscribbler 6/21/2008 03:02:00 PM  

I kinda like those books, Stewart! (Well, I write pop culture essays, so what can I say?) LOLOL. I've seen that one, but I'm not sure I read it. I hope it's interesting!