Friday, August 22, 2008

Just an Update

It's been a week, that's for sure. I'm a little embarrassed to have dragged you guys through it, too, but I'm SO THANKFUL you guys were around. Thanks, really. All of you.

So I went in to the doctor, laid down the law about stupid videos, and made him talk to me like I had a brain between my ears. He was cooler. I got to see the Xrays, and he showed me all about where the bones are misaligned. I still can't rattle off what's wrong with my foot (mostly because I don't remember the names of all those little bones), but at least I have a picture in my head and know what's wrong.

And he did fix stuff.

Constant pain on the side of my foot is gone. Shooting pains when I pull my toes up in the direction of my shin are gone. I even could get up on tiptoe, although he only allowed me once to check it, so we wouldn't undo his corrections.

He's going to fix things, but our main issue now is that he says unless I wear shoes with orthotics 24/7, I'm going to fall into little pieces.

First, I LOVE, love, LOVE the feel of my feet rooted into the ground when doing TKD and yoga. It's pretty much a spiritual connection to the Earth for me. Second, I'm not yet willing to accept that jail sentence without a second opinion.

So we'll see.

I'm a little overwhelmed with stuff to do and stuff to write. I really should take a couple weeks and be Ms. Focused Machine.

I'm addicted. I highly doubt I can stay away a day, let alone two weeks. If I happen to disappear, you know why. I have like 50,000 words to write in the next two weeks, plus get my students all orientated and lesson-planned and organized for the year. And get their websites up and everything else.

But hopefully I'll end up online anyway.

I mean, a regular schedule is coming up. I can't wait! You?

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Amy Nathan 8/22/2008 10:26:00 PM  

My kids went back to school on Wednesday. My regular schedule is underway.

The proof? I started Chapter 16 of my WIP today, something I've been putting off "until" I was in a routine again.

Woo hoo!

Glad you are feeling OK.

Edie 8/22/2008 10:58:00 PM  

Yay, Spy!!! Aren't there attractive shoes with orthoics? At least something that's not horrible. It's worth it to have healthy feet. How wonderful to dance again. :)

I'm going to have to manage my time better. I've been thinking of disappearing for awhile too.

mom2brie,  8/22/2008 11:35:00 PM  

IF your foot is feeling better - do WHATEVER this man tells you to do. You have been living with this foot problem for years now - and no one has been able to do anything to help. So if this man was able to help, and you really, truly can feel a difference and feel the possibility of being able to do TKD again - then do whatever he says, even if he says you have to die your hair fushia :)

Just my two cents, because I really, really want you to be able to do physical stuff again without ANY foot pain!! - but of course you need to do whatever you feel is best (wink)

Love ya - glad you have FINALLY gotten some good news re the foot!!!

PS - Brie used a spoon today eating ice cream and a fork eating a cheese omelet :)

Angie 8/22/2008 11:38:00 PM  

Is it possible that if you use the orthotics religiously for six months or a year or whatever longish-but-limited period of time, your feet will grow strong enough that you can go without them for short periods? Like, long enough for you to do your TKD routines however many times per week? It might be worth it to just grit your teeth and put up with the orthotics for a while, if it'll mean being able to go without them a bit later on. Better than totally trashing everything and not being able to be active at all, right?

Hang in there, hon. [hugz]


spyscribbler 8/23/2008 12:51:00 AM  

Amy, ohmigosh, I can't tell you how much I'm dying for a regular schedule. I'm getting nothing done right now!

spyscribbler 8/23/2008 12:53:00 AM  

Edie, I'm overwhelmed and somehow getting nothing done. And yet I keep working. Granted, this week taking care of this house and dogs has been HUGE, HUGE, HUGE time suck. I didn't realize it would take so much time. I'm cool with that because I got paid and stuff, but I have a lot to do.

spyscribbler 8/23/2008 12:56:00 AM  

LOL, mom2brie! Yeah, it's pretty cool. Marc had me at this point, too, though. I might just try the orthotics. My hesitation is that the collapsed arch is a muscle problem, right? So I'd rather get the muscle fixed, than wear a bandaid (orthotics) for the rest of my life.

But it's a moot point, really. I can't spend the money for awhile. Even when we do have the money, DH needs them, and he's working 12 hour days on his feet.

I guess we'll see. I promise I have an open mind.

SO cool about Brie! She's just flying!

spyscribbler 8/23/2008 12:57:00 AM  

Totally, Angie. I'd just rather fix the root problem so I won't need the orthotics, if that's possible.

This guy says I'll have to wear them 24/7, even to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, for the rest of my life. So no TKD and no yoga, ever, without shoes.


Angie 8/23/2008 01:14:00 AM  

This guy says I'll have to wear them 24/7, even to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, for the rest of my life. So no TKD and no yoga, ever, without shoes.

Well, to me,that's something to get a second opinion on, not only now but especially after you've been wearing your orthotics religiously for a year or two. [hugz] Something might change, or improve, or they might come up with some new technology. Keep a set of virtual fingers crossed, hon.


Bernita 8/23/2008 06:07:00 AM  

This is wonderful that the pain is gone/diminished!
Imagine you have found how much it wore at you, sucked and leached away your energy.

Mark Terry 8/23/2008 09:40:00 AM  

Get copies of the x-rays and go see a podiatrist.

And congrats for taking charge. Way to go.

As for regular schedule, another week or so before the kids start school, but we've got activities already started. Because of marching band season the fall is going to be swamped, but I think that's a good thing.

LaDonna 8/23/2008 10:05:00 AM  

Spy, glad you had a good conversation with the Dr. Those things can be so confusing. I hope you can come up with a solution you can both live with.

And my schedule is underway too. Summer fun is winding down, and the grandkids are in school, vacation over. I'm building some steam on my WIP.

Amy, way to go on yours too! I hope everyone has fun with their projects this fall.

Robin 8/23/2008 11:03:00 AM  

I'm so happy for you, Spy! That's terrific!
I never want summer to end. School is a pain. It's already bugging me, and it hasn't even started yet.

Zoe Winters 8/23/2008 07:15:00 PM  

Good for you! I think so many doctors of all breeds are used to people saying "fix me" without having the first clue about what was going on.

When I went to the doc about a hormonal imbalance I was 99% sure that was what was going on, as I'd done a ton of research before hand.

Some doctors get really annoyed by their patients researching stuff before they come to them because of "misinformation on the internet" but if you know where to go and what to search for, the information is as accurate as any doctor.

I see doctors as basically the people who have access to the lab work. A lot of things can't be 100% diagnosed (without just guessing and how is guessing medical "science?")

With the doc I was able to get blood tests to confirm that yes, I was a bit hormonally imbalanced. And specifically which hormones were.

StarvingWriteNow 8/24/2008 06:43:00 AM  

Sweetie, if you've got issues with your arches, get the orthotics. It's more than muscle; it's tendons and all that stuff--and it's all connected! If you don't take care of that one part, none of the rest of it will feel good, either!

Michelle 8/24/2008 07:52:00 AM  

Go you on your schedule. I am absolutely DETERMINED to get going on mine. And so glad your doc is fixing stuff. No more shooting pain is good :) .

Caryn Caldwell 8/24/2008 03:44:00 PM  

I'm glad that you're getting things figured out with your doctor. It still sounds awful, though. As for your schedule, August is such a busy month, isn't it? I can't wait for things to settle down again, be more of a routine.

Aimless Writer 8/24/2008 09:50:00 PM  

I'm so glad he found out what was wrong with your foot. Not knowing is the worst!
I'm ready for the schedule of September. I have one leaving for college (senior year) and the other still on the job hunt. I'm looking for more time to write!
I have a manuscript to rewrite for a certain editor who told me if I fixed something she'd love to read it again. So thats my mission from here on.

Ello 8/25/2008 12:46:00 AM  

I would definitely get a second opinion. But in the meantime follow his advice because your feet are so very important. It's amazing how we take them for granted until they fail on us.

Take care!

Susan Helene Gottfried 8/25/2008 02:59:00 PM  

I fought orthodics -- mine are inserts, not special shoes -- for years.

Now I won't be without them, and not just because they keep me from getting yet more cartilege tears in my knees. Everything feels better when I wear them (and shoes last longer, which is weird). I have two pair now, so I can let one pair rest while the other's pressed into action.

The only bummer is that I wind up in hiking boots and tennis shoes an awful lot. It's a small sacrifice to make, I think.

lainey bancroft 8/26/2008 04:41:00 PM  

Hello! 'Member me? I did disappear, but I am ashamed to say it hasn't helped me accomplish much. BUT, ever the opotimist, my kids go back to school a week from today. Oh, sweet routine...come to me!

XXX <- that's everything crossed for the best possible foot outcome. I luv luv luv my feets bare too, but Edie's right, if shoes=pain free tootsie it IS worth it.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:00:00 PM  

Angie, yes, definitely a second opinion. About 10 - 20% of fallen arches are due to weak muscles that can be strengthened. So we'll see.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:01:00 PM  

Bernita, it's not so bad now, but I was a total bitch the first year. It's hard to be in pain and zen at the same time. I did find out how much TKD means to me, too!

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:02:00 PM  

Mark, next stop, podiatrist. :-) Thanks, I'm not good at being forthright. I'm more the shy type. And I think of everything I want to say when I leave. It's really annoying.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:03:00 PM  

Yay for the WIP steam, Ladonna! LOL! I'll take any solution, at this point. I just want to get back to it.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:04:00 PM  

Wow, Robin, most parents I know say the opposite! But summer is fun. As much as I resist schedules, I do prefer the regularity, though.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:05:00 PM  

Zoe, it's SUCH a hard balance. If you don't figure out what's wrong with you, they won't. If you do, they'll be hellbent on proving you wrong. It's a Catch 24, for sure.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:06:00 PM  

Writenow, I've got an open mind, but at this point, I can't afford them. So I'm hoping the exercises I do will improve things, in the meantime. Once the money is there, I'll consider it, definitely, with a second opinion.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:07:00 PM  

Michelle, I'm pleased he's fixing stuff, too! I'm still not quite on a schedule, in fact, haven't figured out what it is. But the teaching is on a schedule, so the rest will fall into place soon.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:07:00 PM  

Caryn, I can't WAIT for a routine. I'm dying for it. Getting me on a routine is near impossible, but I always feel TONS happier with one. Strange paradox, I think.

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:08:00 PM  

Awesome, Aimless! Not so aimless, though, now that you're on a mission. :-) I hope you find your time to write!

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:10:00 PM  

Ello, I totally took them for granted. It completely changed my life, without them. I'm definitely looking forward to having use of my foot again!

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:11:00 PM  

Susan, is it totally out of line to ask you how much they cost? This guy wants me to pay $342.

That's just not going to happen for awhile. I have bills. And he's already used up a bunch of my money!

spyscribbler 8/26/2008 06:13:00 PM  

Lainey, sweet, sweet, sweet routine, definitely! I was wondering what you were up to, and about to email you! My free time in the summer seem to have been swallowed whole by nothing, like a black hole or something!