Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You're Sayin' I'm Not so Great?

My one little pub put our stuff on Fictionwise. I'm surprised it's on there, because I didn't think it would be out there in the mainstream. It seems to be doing okay.

But they have a rating system.

Great, Good, OK, Poor.

Someone gave me a poor! I have a Poor!

I have a Poor.

My Goods and Greats seem about tied, and I even have (*major cringe*) three OKs.

I must never go back there again. You know, I hate my old stuff. In fact, I tend to be afraid to read anything of mine in the past. I mean, gosh, it's terribly frightening, disconcerting, OHMIGAWD IT'S POOR?!

I will never go back there again. Not even for one peak. I swear! Really. I promise! I won't. I mean it. I really do.

I mean, in the last hour, it seems no one has reviewed my book. A whole hour and no one has bought and reviewed my book!

I seem to be motivated by negative reinforcement, because man, that single Poor has me writing like a fiend today. I AM GOING TO PROVE THAT POOR WRONG IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!

I guess one of my all-time top ten favorite books has a Poor, too. So at least I'm in good company.

Anyway, I was a little bit stupid today. My imagination had gotten so carried away with its hopes that I forgot I hadn't yet fixed my foot. So I did the leg portion of the yoga tape.

I'm really clueless as to what I was thinking, LOL, because my foot is all cagreaux now. (All messed up. Don't know how to spell that. But when I was looking that word up in the Cajun dictionary, I was alarmed to discover one of DH's pet names for me is an educated fool!!!!! Well, golly, it sounds so romantic and pretty when he says it. Huh! Let's see how romantic I get the next time he calls me that!)

But my body is SO happy to be working out. And tired, LOL. :-) Well, damnit, I don't care about my foot. I just want to do the things I love!

So how do you react when you get a Poor?

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Melissa Marsh 8/20/2008 01:44:00 PM  

Whenever someone doesn't particularly like what I write, I have an instant of "well, what do you know?" but then I (thankfully!) forget about it and move on - most of the time!

Melanie Avila 8/20/2008 02:25:00 PM  

It was only one poor, right? The rest were better. You can't please everyone and at least it's motivated you!

I've yet to put my stuff out there so I'm still rejection-free.

Amy Nathan 8/20/2008 04:24:00 PM  

Reviews and opinions are tough. We want the good ones, not the bad ones. But I think you have the right idea to not visit that site again, don't read what they say, it doesn't help you.

I think things like that get in the way of all of good stuff and positive energy.

Anissa 8/20/2008 04:27:00 PM  

Obviously she was having a pissy day when she rated you. I mean, cleary, you are not poor. You are extraordinary. :)

I am following in your footsteps and exercising. It's amazing what a little sweat can do! The restlessness is diminished (whew!), and I think I'm ready to dive back into the words. Still no plot, but I'm working on it.

So thank you, magnificent one.

Eric Mayer,  8/20/2008 04:40:00 PM  

I know how you feel. No matter how many good reviews we get the bad one still stings. But there's always going to be people who hate our stuff. I, personally, sometimes hate stuff that's wildly popular. For instance, I could not get halfway through Fool Moon by Jim Butcher. Worst thing I've read this year. Now at the time I had no idea what it was, or how popular that series is. Wow!!! It was just me. Something didn't work for me. I try to remember that some readers will react to my own writing that way. No, it doesn't really help much!!!

Edie 8/20/2008 05:11:00 PM  

Spy, I like your attitude! Susan Elizabeth Phillips has said she whined to Jayne Ann Krentz about a bad review that was in a magazine or newspaper. JAK told her to throw it out, not to have that negativity in her house. Neither of them look at their reviews on Amazon or other sites. So you're following in their footsteps. :)

I try to be objective about bad comments. Take what works for me and ignore the rest. It also helps to bitch to my CPs.

Robin 8/20/2008 06:44:00 PM  

You are no "poor". Maybe the person who wrote that has really bad cataracts and is mildly brain damaged.

I'm not obsessed with my book! Oh no! I just check Amazon 100 times a day to see if it's risen up in the ranks. That's not obsessed. It's caring.

Ignore that silly person.

Zoe Winters 8/20/2008 10:54:00 PM  

awwww your husband's pet name means "educated fool?"

hahahahaha. Damn, mean mean men.

Michele 8/20/2008 11:54:00 PM  

I know it's easier for me to say than do...but ignore the "Poor" rating. I really have a hard time believing you're a poor writer. Seriously. Seriously, seriously. :-)

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 09:58:00 AM  

Melissa, it's funny: I totally had that reaction when one of my favorite books had a poor, but when it comes to me, I always blame myself, LOL.

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:00:00 AM  

Melanie, this is true. All true! It doesn't feel like so much of a rejection, thankfully. Just sort of: well, gee, I need to get better!

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:01:00 AM  

Amy, so true! It doesn't bother me so much, and it does inspire me to improve. I'm weird that way. I'm more afraid of rejection before the fact than I mind it afterwards.

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:02:00 AM  

I think I love you, Anissa! And the exercise is GREAT. Well, my foot is thoroughly upset but I'm going to the doctor today (yikes!), and I've lost FOUR POUNDS! YAY!

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:04:00 AM  

Eric, it's true. Although, given the niche nature of my stuff, I'm comfortable with the fact that a majority of the population would passionately hate it. While the others would passionately love it, LOL.

So I do have something to blame it on besides myself, LOL. :-)

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:06:00 AM  

Edie, that's wise. I should. I confess I looked today, and was appalled that no one new reviewed any of my books today! So no more checking, this is crazy.

spyscribbler 8/21/2008 10:10:00 AM  

LOL, Michele. Who knows, really? I guess I'm used to living with the possibility that all my stuff could suck. Either way, I keep writing!

But I really hope it's not poor!

Angie 8/21/2008 07:15:00 PM  

My problem with the Fictionwise rating system is that it doesn't allow for comments, so when you get a Poor rating (and my one story up there so far had two or three last time I looked) you have no idea why. That's what I find frustrating, rather than the rating itself.

My story is a romance, but the characters don't end up together right at the end. I mean, come on, it's a ghost story. One of the two main characters is dead at the beginning, and that doesn't ever change. By the end of the story, it's clear that they're going to be separated for a while, and then they'll be together FOREVER. I figured, Hey, there you go -- forever's worth waiting for, right?

Apparently not. [wry smile] Or at least, I'm wondering whether that lack of an immediate HEA ending might be what my Poor raters were upset about.

Then again, maybe they just didn't like the story. Maybe there was something about my writing, or the plot or the characterization or whatever that they didn't care for. Maybe they just thought it was badly written. Maybe.

Not knowing is what annoys me. I massively heart civil concrit and I'd love to be able to talk to them and find out exactly what they didn't care for. But I can't because there's no way to hold any sort of conversation on or through Fictionwise. So I'm just left staring at the rating bars.

Maybe your Poor rater didn't like your writing, or the story. You say you've improved -- I'm sure we all want to improve over time, so that's a good thing, right? -- so maybe that person would like your more current stories. Or maybe there was just some device or twist or some way you handled a plot point or thread which didn't appeal. Only the plainest, pablum-est writing (or anything) can please everyone, so the fact that this one person (or my three people) didn't care for a particular story isn't necessarily anything to get upset about. I jsut want to know why, so I can judge whether or not I should be upset, LOL!