Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Two More. And a Question--

Still trying to sleep. I'm not sleeping, so I drink coffee in order to stay awake and get work done. But then I don't sleep. Vicious cycle. In my defense, I'm only drinking one cup!

I promise only one more video post. My brain should be in working order again soon.

In the meantime, I have discovered the world of political comedy, so I'm getting in a laugh every day. Definitely a de-stressor!

I do now officially feel guilty for laughing so hard at Sarah Palin's various interviews this week. I know how it feels to be tongue-tied. But I don't feel guilty watching Letterman blast McCain for canceling his appearance to run to the airport and rush to DC twenty hours later.

I forgot how much I enjoyed Letterman.

And in this forgetful trend of mine, I also forgot how much I enjoyed the Daily Show. The first part is funny, but I embedded the whole thing because it all made me laugh and I'm still delighting in my shiny new toy of embedding whole episodes of TV. It's like my blog is a satellite provider!

So what did you think of the debates? I'm off to go watch the recaps. No, I'm off to go to sleep. Edie's melatonin is kicking in. But tomorrow. Before I watch, I'd love to hear your thoughts and impressions!

7 bonus scribbles:

Zoe Winters 9/27/2008 09:10:00 AM  

hahaha that's some funny stuff!

Hopefully between McCain "Suspending his campaign" And picking an idiot like Sarah Palin, Obama will have it in the bag.

I have to say I'm more anxious about this election than any other before it. And I'm just trying not to think about it too much.

Edie 9/27/2008 09:31:00 AM  

I loved it all! What was McCain thinking? Didn't he guess that Letterman would realize he'd been blown off? It's funny that Jon Stewart talked about it too.

I'd seen the last half of Stewart's show but missed the first. Thanks for posting it!

Hope you slept well.

Edie 9/27/2008 09:32:00 AM  

BTW, I think Obama was much better than McCain last night. I had a hard time sleeping too. Too revved up.

spyscribbler 9/27/2008 09:35:00 AM  

Zoe, one would think so, but the polls make it so close. I hope so. I am also more anxious. Very anxious.

spyscribbler 9/27/2008 09:37:00 AM  

I don't know, LOL! The first part was my favorite, Edie, when he compared Bush's 2003 speech with his 2008. I thought that was a perfect point.

Scary, too.

And I slept like a baby, once I remembered to take the melatonin. THANK YOU, Edie!

Melanie Avila 9/27/2008 10:34:00 AM  

I'll have to look up Stewart on YouTube. I adore him and love everything that comes out of his mouth. Spy, it's funny that you say you just discovered political humor because the one thing I credit Bush for is making me interested in politics. I never used to care, but now I eat it up.

Oh, and I thought Obama did a much better job last night. He went into it needing to prove that he could stand shoulder to shoulder with McCain on foreign policy, and he did. McCain seemed more worried about snappy one liners and creating sound bites than discussing the issues. IN fact, I think he made things more confusing - Obama actually explained things and stayed professional. I'd much rather have a leader who is serious (and geeky, as the CNN bloggers kept saying) than trying to seem funny and clever.

Robin 9/29/2008 12:01:00 PM  

Love the videos, Spy! I'm like you - I usually bag the vice presidential debates, but who could possibly miss this one? Have you seen Tina Fey's Palin imitation? Priceless!