Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Time for Red Hair and a Haircut

image Another big project got added to my to-do list today. I’m excited about it, but man: I am overwhelmed.

But I’m ticking things off my to-do list, one by one. That’s all you can do when you’re overwhelmed!

And then I feel major restless. Jon summed up my feelings precisely in his blog post, Courage is a Beard.

I feel like a frumpy piano teacher. And you know what? It drives me crazy when people get the wrong idea about you. No truth of the matter will get past their belief that you are someone you aren't.

[long, whining complaint deleted]

image Still, I feel restless. I want to go out and really rip up the town, but two drinks and I’d be sick for a week.

Even red hair and a haircut seem a bit blase. Maybe Run Lola Run is the shade of red I need. What do you think? Or would it make all my students go running in horror?

I want to be audacious. How do I be audacious?

How do you be audacious?

19 bonus scribbles:

spyscribbler 3/03/2009 09:02:00 PM  

Is it of extreme pitifulness that I have to ask???

Edie 3/03/2009 11:42:00 PM  

I'm not audacious, but coloring your hair bright red sounds like fun. If that will take you out of your funk, go for it! It's cheaper than therapy.

Charles Gramlich 3/03/2009 11:56:00 PM  

That seems a bit bright to me. But whatever feels good to you.

Richmond Writer 3/04/2009 09:06:00 AM  

Go to the juniors department and pick out something with color, get a necklace with giant beads, and some high heels or brightly colored shoes if you don't do heels.

This is a temporary red hair fix and you will better, if the look suits you then go for the red hair. Dying hair seems so permanent.

Avery DeBow 3/04/2009 12:02:00 PM  

Clearly, I'm a fan of Manic Panic. But, you should know the odd colors are a huge commitment care-wise. All of those colors are semi-permanent (no matter what any salon tries to tell you), and if you don't color every week, they'll wash out to a horrid pale orange. There is a brand of professional color that makes a permanent red from carpet dye, but the brightness washes out just as fast, and then that nasty orange remnant is permanent and very, very hard to color over. If you want to keep it true red, you'll have to work for it almost constantly. If you'd prefer low maintenance, try synth hair highlights (you can buy them with little toupee clips so there's no glueing or pinch-braiding necessary--I can send you some links, if you want), or go get a red wig. Then you'll have fancy without the fuss.

McKoala 3/04/2009 07:59:00 PM  

OK, so now Avery has scared you, I say, why not? It's hair. It grows.

McKoala 3/04/2009 08:00:00 PM  

However, it will lead to new earrings and new tops to go with it, so in that sense it will become expensive...

Janet 3/04/2009 09:12:00 PM  

How do I do audacious? How about a below-the-knee bright red plaid shawl? Over a black turtleneck and pants? Or a flat wool cap (old man style) and dangly earrings and a pink pashmina? (Must be mid-life crisis.)

Another downside to bright-coloured hair (my daughter's is fuchsia pink) is that it leaves little stains all over the place. A hair that sticks to the bathroom door leaves a bright pink line. Stains have to be scoured out of the bathtub and sink. Big pain in the butt.

So I recommend a funky cut and - what else? - dangly earrings. Less of a hassle all around.

Robin 3/04/2009 10:37:00 PM  

Don't listen to Edie! We could all go out of business! "Cheaper than therapy"! Well, I never!

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:44:00 AM  

Edie, I've been looking online. I think I'm going copper. :-) And a new haircut. :-) I'll post a picture!

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:45:00 AM  

Man, Charles, if I wasn't teaching, I'd totally do it. I like going crazy. I was checking online in one of those things where you can put haircuts on your own picture, and blue actually looks great on me. :-)

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:46:00 AM  

CLOTHES SHOPPING? LOL, Richmond! I HATE going shopping. Passionately. I don't even like to dress up. No, I'm more a red hair person with old jeans and comfy sweatshirt. The fuddy-duddy who wishes she were trendy, LOL!

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:47:00 AM  

All good advice, Avery. Speaking of which, your hair looks awesome. That's exactly the red I'm going for.

But I think I've settled on copper. I'm having trouble finding the right shade of copper, except for this semi-permanent mousse stuff. I don't know if that even works? But it's semi, so I guess it's worth a try!

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:48:00 AM  

McKoala, it sure does that! I am not afraid to have orange hair. I mean, I've chopped my own hair off at midnight, so I'm used to walking around in crazy hair, LOL!

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:49:00 AM  

Oh wow, Janet, that sounds beautiful, actually. I want the kind of style sense that would come up with clothes like that! That's awesome!

I think I'm going to splurge on a funky haircut this weekend. :-)

spyscribbler 3/05/2009 01:50:00 AM  

HAH! Robin, that's hilarious! I wonder if we looked in your closet, if we'd find shoes were cheaper than therapy? LOL!

Pink Ink 3/05/2009 08:01:00 AM  

I LOVE the word audacious. And it fits you to a T. Go for red, darlin', though I would personally recommend PINK. :-)

Avery DeBow 3/05/2009 10:11:00 AM  

Spy and McKoala -- Not trying to scare anyone. Just making sure everyone knows what's on the table beforehand. : )

I'm totally of the school of, "It's hair. Fuck it," which is why most of the red you see in my picture is teeny tiny short hairs, now--I broke it off with the bleach.

You could always try the red, see if you enjoy the maintenance aspect. If you don't, going from the faded orange to copper probably won't be too hard. Like I said before, Manic Panic is temporary and made from veggie dyes, so it won't damage your hair (since your hair is light and you won't have to bleach, first).

Melanie Avila 3/05/2009 11:32:00 AM  

OMG, I want to chop my hair off so badly! I was watching What Not to Wear last weekend and there was a girl my size with hair like mine and they were telling her that is does nothing for her, it just makes her look frumpy and blah, and that it was too much hair for her body. I was thinking I KNOW!!! Ugh, I want it off.